• ADCD: Free Booze Thursday

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    Open to members and non-members alike. Take advantage, son. The Jet Hotel, 1612 Wazee St., Denver.

  • Earn $10 for Talking Shit About Printers

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    A phoenix has arisen from the ashes of Spectrographics—Denver’s printer that went down in flames last week. Sean Bermingham, ex-owner of Spectro (before a group of know-it-alls took over), launched a new printing company earlier this week called Lettracraft.

    He sent us this link to a promo the company’s got going, in which they’re trying to collect opinions on what people love and hate about printers and how they can do more of the former and less of the latter with their new operation.

    Anyhoo, you can get $10 in iTunes, Starbucks or donate to a charity by clicking through and filling out the form. Easy money. Thanks, Sean. This is a fine start to getting things right.

  • Woah-quin Phoenix

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    From Dave Letterman last night.

  • Pepsi Bloat

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    More entertainment at the expense of a company that really seems to be inviting it upon themselves lately.

  • Billy Mays Goes Off

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    And now, the way we’d really like to hear Billy Mays talk about Kaboom! Audio not safe for offices or children.

    (Via Funny or Die!)

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Sprout Strategy

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    Sprout Strategy is a Denver brand growth boutique specializing in brands committed to making people’s lives better through health and wellness. The company’s execs have a hunk of experience working on household brand names (P&G, Wrigley, Dial, Nintendo, PetSmart, Unilever, Peet’s Coffee, Nike and Coors) and at big-time agencies (Leo Burnett, Energy BBDO and The Integer Group).

    We’ve heard good things about Sprout from people who have worked with them. But you might need to hit them up directly for some case studies because their site’s rather emaciated.

  • Cypher13 Remixes Legwork Studio

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    Denver’s Legwork Studio gave the gift of vector art earlier this week and Boulder’s cypher13 has officially re-gifted it as desktop art. Cool stuff, gents.

  • Interesting New Report on Colorado's Creative Sector

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    The Colorado Council on the Arts has released a report entitled “Colorado: State-of-the-Art, Key Findings from The State of Colorado’s Creative Economy.” The report shows that there are 186,251 people employed within creative jobs and enterprises. This makes the creative sector the 5th largest in the Colorado job market. It is nearly the size of biotechnology and telecommunications fields, and it is larger than the defense sector or the food processing and agribusiness sector.

    Colorado is a magnet for creative talent, ranking 5th among all states for concentration of artists. Only New York, California, Massachusetts and Vermont have a higher concentration of creative talent. Colorado ranks 2nd in concentration of architects, 7th in concentration of writers, designers, entertainers and performers, and 8th in concentration of photographers.

    The study categorized creative industries into six sub-groups: design, film and media, heritage, literary and publishing, performing arts, and visual arts and crafts. Colorado’s strengths are design, literary and publishing, and film and media which represent 73% of all creative industry jobs.

    Interesting stuff. Read the all the report details here.

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