• Wyoming Anti-Smoking: "Secondhand Smoke" Outdoor Via Sukle Advertising & Design

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    According to the Casper Star-Tribune, the latest advertising campaign for the Wyoming Department of Health from Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver is causing quite the hubbub among lawmakers in the state. A bill for a statewide, smoke-free Wyoming has been in the works for months, and now opponents are questioning the timing of the state-sponsored campaign that targets the dangers of secondhand smoke.

    Top Department of Health officials, meanwhile, insist that the billboard campaign and an accompanying print advertising blitz are appropriate, and were not purposely timed to influence the vote. Some critics have accused the agency of strategically placing the billboards in locations likely to be viewed by lawmakers in Cheyenne.

    The creative executions, including billboards, newspaper ads, gas station pump toppers and guerrilla efforts, feature a bright-green background and headlines that use well-known sayings about death, but replace the words “death” or “kill” in the expressions with the words “secondhand smoke.”

    Smokin’ work, Sukle.

  • FirstBank: "Ski Mask" Outdoor Via TDA Advertising & Design

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    In a campaign that we’ve seen stretch its legs into many venues, including Denver International Airport and malls across the front range, we now see the FirstBank campaign from TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder travel up I-70 to Colorado’s ski resorts.

    This winter, skiers and snowboarders will see metal “Rack” and “Lift Line” ads reading, “Bank in your ski mask without getting arrested.” Any lingering doubt over which side of the law applies should be dispelled by the tag, “Mobile Banking. Bank Anywhere.”

    Its simple goal is to demonstrate a commitment to the youth market, by going to them where they are. “If we can get you at a younger age,” VP of Marketing Brian Jensen says of the strategy, “you’ll stick with us.” Mobile banking is especially important to younger customers.

    Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder
    Creative Directors: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
    Associate Creative Directors: Matt Leavitt, Jeremy Seibold
    Art Director: Haley Garyet
    Copywriter: Abbey Marks

  • Augmented Reality. Or What We Like to Call 'Holy Crap That's Cool!'

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    We told you about the augmented reality ads from Mini and how cool they are. Well, now we get the chance to do this business on our own machines, thanks to GE.

    Click through and you’ll get the chance to print out the little coded doo-dad (tech speak) and hold it up to your computer camera. We have to admit, this is pretty freaking cool.

    To make it work smoothly, we had to download the newest flash and select the USB camera when we got the ‘camera not working’ message. Other than that it was smoother than goose snot, Cletus.

    Oh, and if you’re thinking about NOT doing this, don’t. It really is rad. Dude.

  • The WTF Blanket

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    Sad thing is, that Snuggie’s a multi-million-dollar idea. You know, we had a million-dollar idea one time. The Jump To Conclusions Mat. Better just keep that cat in the bag, though.

  • Cessna: "Rise" Print Ad Via Pure

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    In an atmosphere that has the public and the media essentially demanding that big execs swear off private jet travel to save cash and the jobs of underlings, Denver’s Pure has helped Cessna put a big, fat stake in the ground, saying, instead, “That ain’t how big business rolls, kids.” And we dig it. Very nice work.

    P.S. Kind of weird AdAge says the campaign was created by Grace/Dickerson, Denver. What gives, Pure?

  • ADCD: Free Booze Thursday

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    Open to members and non-members alike. Take advantage, son. The Jet Hotel, 1612 Wazee St., Denver.

  • Earn $10 for Talking Shit About Printers

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    A phoenix has arisen from the ashes of Spectrographics—Denver’s printer that went down in flames last week. Sean Bermingham, ex-owner of Spectro (before a group of know-it-alls took over), launched a new printing company earlier this week called Lettracraft.

    He sent us this link to a promo the company’s got going, in which they’re trying to collect opinions on what people love and hate about printers and how they can do more of the former and less of the latter with their new operation.

    Anyhoo, you can get $10 in iTunes, Starbucks or donate to a charity by clicking through and filling out the form. Easy money. Thanks, Sean. This is a fine start to getting things right.

  • Woah-quin Phoenix

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    From Dave Letterman last night.

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