• A Very, Very Important Day - for Nerds

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    Veteran’s Day also happens to be Christmas morning for the parent’s-basement and dorky headset demographic. Today is the monumental release of the latest Call of Duty title – Call of Duty 5: World at War. All over the land, gamers are saddling up to their consoles, torching Japanese soldiers, gaining multiplayer rank and alienating nearby females as quickly as they can. Check out this latest spot from GameStop for the special pre-order bonus. Not bad for a video game ad.

    Are you among those who will be dropping $60 for some carnage? If so, post your screen name, and perhaps this loving, supportive community may rain fire and disembowelment on one another.

  • A Simple Thank You

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    Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Nader-fan or a handkerchief-hidden anarchist, there is no denying that the freedoms we enjoy were earned on the backs of our Veterans. On this Veterans Day 2008, thanks are owed to the Civil War vets who rest at Denver’s Riverside Cemetery, the World War II aviators who trained at Lowry, the Fort Carson soldiers who are fighting this very minute and every single member of our armed forces who pledged to fight and die so we might simply live. For those who still live with their trauma, those who were welcomed home and those who never made it back, we say thank you.

    If you see an active duty service member or a vet today (or any day for that matter,) a simple handshake and a simple thank you means the world.

  • ALS Society of Canada: Head and Shoulders

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    Since this rocked our morning, we thought we’d rock yours by sharing it. Reminds us of the PSA’s of old before humor snuck in and wrecked their effectiveness. Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto.

    (Via AdFreak)

  • Toshiba: Upscaling

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    Sweet technique in this piece from Grey for Toshiba’s new high-end TV’s.

    (Via Scamp)

  • << New Conference/Exhibition/Meeting Planner Position Posted

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    The Gene Pool is searching for a Conference/Exhibition/Meeting Planner for their client in Dubai. Job details here.

  • Where Battle of the Ad Bands Is Heading?

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    First band to whip this shit out at the next agency band battle wins. Get Ocarina for your iPhone here – if you dare.

    SMule: Ocarina [Stairway] from SonicMule, Inc. on Vimeo.

    (Via Fubiz)

  • Carmichael Lynch Nabs Noodles &amp; Co. Account

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    Man, when it rains, it pours. According to Adweek and The Minneapolis Business Journal, Minnesota’s Carmichael Lynch has become the agency of record for Noodles & Co. – landing creative and media duties for the Colorado-based client. Anybody else feeling a bit of a Denver vs. Lynch rivalry beginning to brew? Maybe it’s time to sick our (John) Lynch on them.

  • Some Silkscreened Goods From Mighty Karma

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    Denver ad agency, Mighty Karma, has a new silkscreen press they’ve been playing around with of late. So far, they’ve created some things we’d really like in our own collection, including a spiral sketchbook, saddle-stitched journal and t-shirt. By the December “First Friday,” they’ll have a whole series of journals, sketchbooks, t-shirts and possibly posters and cards for sale. Stay tuned for details and please remember your friendly Egotist staff this holiday season.

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