• New Rant: The Rant: Big, Smelly, Hairy Guerrilla >>

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    This week, Felix begs you to keep your guerrilla caged.

  • Home of the Vain Documents History

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    This is a pretty great set of photos by Nikola Tamindzic, proprietor of photography blog Home of the Vain. The interesting thing about them is their composition, created (somehow) using Tamindzic’s cell phone camera. See the rest of the set here or by clicking through the image.

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  • We'd Prefer to Be Mauled By Bears

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    Here’s the latest chapter in the mind-boggling saga that is Qwest — a couple of “funny” spots from draftFCB, Chicago. We’re all painfully familiar with the “Get in the Loop” campaign that has been molesting our TV screens for months now. The only upside to that work was that it actually made us enjoy the political advertising that pre-empted it. Sadly, the political campaign season is over and this is what’s coming.

    In these spots, the viewer is treated to two delightfully zany situations. First, a facial attack by a swarm of bees and, second, a few panic-stricken hours spent trapped on a plane. The set-up reads like an episode of the new CBS comedy “Worst Week.” Just awful. The punch line is that these horrible situations are like opening your cable bill or waiting for the cable guy. We’d say it’s more like watching a Qwest TV spot. Ouch!

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  • Touché From Mighty Karma

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    In response to our post earlier this a.m. poking local shop, Mighty Karma, to send us some work, the following has just arrived in our inbox.

    Here is a little self-promotion that is still in the works over here at Mighty Karma. We are trying to bring the hand-craft back into Graphic Design. This piece was produced on a small budget using ONLY black and red Sharpies and a piece of paper we found in the recycling bin. We are hoping to make it into the Print annual with this one!

    We knew you guys had it in you. One question, though. Why a Thanksgiving chicken? Sort of anti-American if you’re asking us.

  • Saturn: The Evolution of Technology

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    Saturn is a specialty retailer of consumer electronics in Germany. The German voiceover, translated in English: “The selection was tough, but now it’s there: The strongest technology of all times. Mercilessly low priced. SATURN We hate expensive.” Not certain we fully grasp the payoff here, but this baby sure is fun to watch. Agency: Scholz&Friends, Berlin.

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  • Killer New Campaign From Denver's Mighty Karma

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    (Calling the Mighty Karmen and Karwomen! Send us something great you’re working on to fill this space, would you? People want to see it.)

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