• You Should Know About John Johnston

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    What is it that lands a photographer on our recommended list? There’s the obvious stuff, like being likable and able to compose a shot and having a strong list of clients (in this case, Backpacker Magazine, Breckenridge Brewery, Fast Company, Ford, Frontier Airlines, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, New Belgium Brewing, Red Robin, Smart Money, Weber Grills and a host of respectable agencies that serve those accounts) to show they work with people who demand quality.

    Then, there’s the other stuff that puts John Johnston far above your average shutterbug here in CO – like being a ridiculous craftsman and, with one photograph, being able to transport you to the exact spot where he stood to snap the shot – providing the exact same emotion he felt being there on the spot. And it’s not just us singing his praises. Here’s why Monte Meade, Partner/Creative Director of Cultivator Advertising & Design, – one of the best agencies in Denver – thinks you need to know about John Johnston too.

    “I love that he’s two blocks away from our office, that local octogenarian celebrity “Val the Gardener” is always there, usually asleep after drinking John’s stash of beer (we use John for Breckenridge Brewery and New Belgium Brewing). I love that he has pellet guns, a guitar and a table saw. I love his photography, and his artistic abilities, and we use both for New Belgium. While those projects are intense, they are a great release from the typical advertising scenario — 1. Shoot picture. 2. Add headline and copy. We genuinely have a great time working together.”

    And that’s why John Johnston today joins our list of Recommended Talent.

  • London: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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    Created using stop-motion and 3,328 photos. Take us there. Please. Now.

    London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo.

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  • Woaaahhh Windows!

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    What if The Matrix was programmed by Windows?

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  • New Movie Review: Quantum of Solace >>

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    That’s Bond, James Bond. Check out what we thought of the new one here.

  • He Works For Samsung, Not Satan

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    Not sure Ozzy would have been our pick to promote a piece of technology. Maybe a local rodent control company or adult diapers would have been a better choice. Get it? Because he eats bats and urinates on his piano on stage. Or at least that’s what our older brother’s friend, Kip, told us.

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  • Click Here To Try Drugs

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    This site for an anti-drug campaign in Olso, Norway has been around a while, but we wanted to make sure you checked it out if you haven’t because it’s popped back up on our radar. If you’ve yet to try the smorgasbord of recreational drugs available to you today (yeah right, buddy), this site recreates the effect of drugs digitally – without having to drink, smoke, snort or choke down anything illegal. Plus, it’s 100% work friendly. Give it a whirl and see what you think.

  • A Very, Very Important Day - for Nerds

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    Veteran’s Day also happens to be Christmas morning for the parent’s-basement and dorky headset demographic. Today is the monumental release of the latest Call of Duty title – Call of Duty 5: World at War. All over the land, gamers are saddling up to their consoles, torching Japanese soldiers, gaining multiplayer rank and alienating nearby females as quickly as they can. Check out this latest spot from GameStop for the special pre-order bonus. Not bad for a video game ad.

    Are you among those who will be dropping $60 for some carnage? If so, post your screen name, and perhaps this loving, supportive community may rain fire and disembowelment on one another.

  • A Simple Thank You

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    Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Nader-fan or a handkerchief-hidden anarchist, there is no denying that the freedoms we enjoy were earned on the backs of our Veterans. On this Veterans Day 2008, thanks are owed to the Civil War vets who rest at Denver’s Riverside Cemetery, the World War II aviators who trained at Lowry, the Fort Carson soldiers who are fighting this very minute and every single member of our armed forces who pledged to fight and die so we might simply live. For those who still live with their trauma, those who were welcomed home and those who never made it back, we say thank you.

    If you see an active duty service member or a vet today (or any day for that matter,) a simple handshake and a simple thank you means the world.

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