• The National Gallery Goes 'Everywhere'

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    In support of the National Gallery’s Grand Tour Campaign, London’s The Partners has strategically placed pieces of exhibition art (maybe not the real ones, who knows) in spots where you might not expect to see them. The one below is our favorite: pay close attention to the establishment on the left.

    (Via I Believe In Advertising)

  • McDonald's Ditches the Arches in Tokyo

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    One kind of burger, one size fries, and a soft drink. Welcome to Quarter Pounder, the first complete brand retooling by McDonald’s in decades, in the heart of Tokyo. Featuring a black and red facade, smooth design and NO golden arches, the ultra-modern fast food test locations are hawking the original McD’s favorites and nothing else. We’re interested in your opinion: is this going to work? And if it is, are we as Americans next?

    Visit the sleek company website here.

  • More Stop Motion Love

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    A short film by Joseph Mann called “Taller Than Trees.”

    Taller Than Trees from Joseph Mann on Vimeo.

    (Via Girl on Guache)

  • Obama Street Art Chicago

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  • Who can be Denver's Rival?

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    Competition breeds excellence. Just ask Dolph Lundgren. Whilst mulling over the events of the day here at Egotist Central, we wondered which other U.S. city would serve best as Denver’s sparring partner in a toe-to-toe advertising matchup? Perhaps then, with our sights set upon the utter destruction of our new foe, we could band together and make really good stuffs.

    So, what other town might we call out on the playground and start swinging upon? A similar size would be a good starting point. A similar number of agencies and local/national clients would also help. Or, maybe we just point a finger and get to fighting. A few thoughts over pumpkin spice lattes included Minneapolis, Boston, Portland and ?

  • Inside The Nike Carmelo Anthony Shoot In Broomfield

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    A reader named Michael sent us some covert photos from the Carmelo Anthony/W+K commercial shoot that took place at the Broomfield Event Center earlier this week. In an effort to protect Michael’s identity (and insure his payment from production) we will call him Linda. Linda was on hand as an extra for the shoot. Apparently production originally called for 200 extras, but early that morning they realized they would need 400. Every extra was asked to call friends. Linda and his girlfriend and all of the other extras were paid $110 for the 12+ hour shooting day. And they were given a feast of wild rabbit, mutton and apple wedges. (We possibly made up the last detail. Come on, long production days can be terribly boring.)

    Linda did point out there was a body double for Melo, of course, and that they filmed a number of shots with a camera attached to a court Swiffer. We’ll watch for it.

    Thanks for the photos, Linda. Nice work.

  • New Editorial: Starbucks Q4 Profits Down 97%—And It’s All Your Fault>>

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    In the words of your mother at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, “Just look at what your addiction has done to us.” Guest editor, Jeremy Greenfield, talks about at our dependence on mud and what, in the end, it really means to Starbucks. Enjoy it with your latte, please.

  • Utah Smoking

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    Pencil a little TRUTH into your schedule! We’re always out and about, spreading ourselves like butter over the pancakes of the masses. But even the best can’t party 24/7, so check out our schedule to see when and where we’ll be next.

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