• In The Egotist Inbox: Sprout Strategy

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    Sprout Strategy is a Denver brand growth boutique specializing in brands committed to making people’s lives better through health and wellness. The company’s execs have a hunk of experience working on household brand names (P&G, Wrigley, Dial, Nintendo, PetSmart, Unilever, Peet’s Coffee, Nike and Coors) and at big-time agencies (Leo Burnett, Energy BBDO and The Integer Group).

    We’ve heard good things about Sprout from people who have worked with them. But you might need to hit them up directly for some case studies because their site’s rather emaciated.

  • Cypher13 Remixes Legwork Studio

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    Denver’s Legwork Studio gave the gift of vector art earlier this week and Boulder’s cypher13 has officially re-gifted it as desktop art. Cool stuff, gents.

  • Interesting New Report on Colorado's Creative Sector

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    The Colorado Council on the Arts has released a report entitled “Colorado: State-of-the-Art, Key Findings from The State of Colorado’s Creative Economy.” The report shows that there are 186,251 people employed within creative jobs and enterprises. This makes the creative sector the 5th largest in the Colorado job market. It is nearly the size of biotechnology and telecommunications fields, and it is larger than the defense sector or the food processing and agribusiness sector.

    Colorado is a magnet for creative talent, ranking 5th among all states for concentration of artists. Only New York, California, Massachusetts and Vermont have a higher concentration of creative talent. Colorado ranks 2nd in concentration of architects, 7th in concentration of writers, designers, entertainers and performers, and 8th in concentration of photographers.

    The study categorized creative industries into six sub-groups: design, film and media, heritage, literary and publishing, performing arts, and visual arts and crafts. Colorado’s strengths are design, literary and publishing, and film and media which represent 73% of all creative industry jobs.

    Interesting stuff. Read the all the report details here.

  • The One Mile Scroll

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    …is exactly what you think. You can scroll one mile downward, inch-by-inch, with interesting markers to motivate you along the way. Warm up your mouse finger.

    (Via Rocketboom)

  • Trader Joe's: Unathorized Commercial

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    While the voice of the singer is somewhat agitating, this unauthorized spot from Carl’s Fine Films pretty much captures the magic and appeal of Trader Joe’s market. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll definitely agree. Need to get that stupid ‘no liquor at grocery stores’ law changed here in Colorado so we can get our own Trader Joe’s in these parts.

  • Shout Out To Denver Illustrator Lisa Haney

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    Handcrafted Media is a Colorado agency just outside of Colorado Springs. They got in touch with us a couple days ago and wanted to tell the story about their experience with Lisa Haney – one of the illustrators they discovered on our list of Recommended Talent.

    “Just east of the pacific coast of Oregon sits Whiskey Creek Organics, our client, who runs a small, natural farm. Whiskey Creek Organics gets its name from the source of the farm’s water supply.

    The concept for the logo we developed was originally conceived in the very first conversation we had with the proprietor; to create a mark that represented the river, the landscape and the individuality of the organization. To be honest, there was really only one concept from the start, the client had a clear intent and we ran with it; which we found is a great way to develop an identity.

    After some exploration we decided the best direction would be to design a logo that carried with it a classic, established feel while keeping in line with the clients original requests. The woodcut, somewhat grungy, old world style was something we knew we wanted to accomplish from the start. Part of the strategy was to design a piece that was extremely legible, could be used in a wide variety of applications and we hoped, could work as an icon only, sans the type.

    Enter local illustrator Lisa Haney. We touched base with Lisa, explained the concept, worked through a couple of drafts and dialed in the final illustration with amazing accuracy true to the original concept. Lisa really made this project come together, her skills brought the logo to life. The typography was designed to complement the illustration as opposed to creating a drastic contrast, and the color palette is a direct reflection of the client’s lush Oregonian surroundings.

    We intend to work with Whiskey Creek Organics to bring the identity into vehicle graphics, packaging, apparel and an online presence.”

    Big Shout-out to Lisa Haney,

  • AIGA's 15th Annual Heart Art Auction

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    Tonight is the 15th year of this event. We’ve had a good time boozing it up, seeing old friends and purchasing heart art (some digging through pieces required) over the last couple years of this fundraiser. The night centers around schmoozing and a silent auction, in which you write down what you’re willing to pay for a piece—and it’s yours if you’re the highest bidder when time expires.

    Sounds like they’ve added an attractive new wrinkle this year, as well. OPEN BAR. Probably worth the $20 at the door, helping AIGA Colorado and Project Angel Heart, if you don’t have anything better going this humpday eve.

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