• The Obama Abortion Ad. Now Banned by CNN.

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    The pro-life Catholic group Fidelis and its CatholicVote website are the sponsors of this “commercial” which was banned once before by NBC from the Super Bowl. Now it’s been banned again by CNN, this time from airing during Obama’s State Of The Union Address on Feb 24. According to CNN spokeswoman Kathy Christianson, “CNN doesn’t accept advocacy ads that portray personal decisions in a manner that suggests a position in favor of the advocacy message, without having permission of the persons involved.” But that hasn’t stopped it from having over 1.5 million hits on YouTube. What do you think? Strong? Yes. Crass? You bet.

  • Are the Japanese the World's Laziest Race?

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    This is a 33-inch escalator located in Kawasaki More’s department store in Japan. After seeing the video below that lasts all of :06, we believe the answer to the above question is a resounding “Yes.”

    (Via Inquisitr)

  • BBDO & Snicker's Commit Advertising Sin

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    AgencySpy is brewing some fantastic controversy today on their site over a new Snicker’s spot developed by BBDO Mexico. The spot directly rips off Fully Flared, one of the most coveted skate videos in the last decade, created by Lakai and directed by Ty Evans, Spike Jonze and Cory Weincheque.

    It’s not as if they’re paying homage to it. Or even that they ripped off some no-name production/director. This is Spike Jonze. This is a hugely popular flick. And this is causing a painful backlash for the agency and their client. UGLY.

    Spot Storyboard:

    Lakai Fully Flared:

    BBDO Snicker’s Spot:

  • Mastercard Valentine's Day Stunt. Nice Idea, But...

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    So the day for lovers was about a week ago, and most of us probably screwed it up or did something really unoriginal. This guy in the UK teamed up with Mastercard to do something way more dazzling. Couple of questions though: first, why was the coverage for this so awful? We didn’t see it anywhere except for a couple of ad blogs; and second, would you really want to team up with someone like Mastercard for a message of love? Credit Cards don’t exactly get a great rep these days. But saying that, it was a bold thought.

    Via Scamp and Spinning Around

  • Talent Heading This Way: Matthew Walsh

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    Matt Walsh is a San Francisco-based copywriter who is heading Denver’s way in a few months. He’s been a freelancer in SF for 10 years and before that held gigs at Ketchum, Doner and FCB. He’ll be looking for freelance and/or full-time when he gets here. Let’s give him that warm welcome we’ve become so well-known for in these parts.

  • Beate Uhse Erotic TV: Child Lock

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    The perfect service for the ones you love. Advertising Agency: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg.

    (Via The Ad Mad)

  • Bill Amundson: Hard Times

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    Buckfifty.org has a post today featuring images from Bill Amundson’s ongoing “Hard Times” series. The pieces are available through Plus Gallery in Denver.

    The artist’s quote on the series: “Love and Hope are wonderful things, but sometimes I have to side with the late George Carlin and his memorable motto: FUCK HOPE.” Ah yes, may he rest in peace.

  • Only at Mardi Gras

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    Dude, is that a purse?

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