• Zune Spec Spot Inflicts Damage

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    We’re not posting this because we like it or condone it. In fact, when people do bad spec work for brands like Zune that have really exceptional advertising, it makes us want to smash our knuckles into their eyes. Let’s all agree we won’t hire the tasteless fools behind this creation, whoever they may be.

    Update: The spot was created by directing duo, Sibling Rivaly. Now, we know where to focus our hate.

    Zune Paint from Sibling Rivalry on Vimeo.

    (Via AdArena)

  • Bananas Aren't As Funny As We Thought

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    Here at TDE, we like to waste our time so you can waste just slightly less of yours. That’s why this morning we were tempted by a sticker we found on one of our perfectly ripened bananas. It read “LOL at eatachiquita.com.” A texting banana? Cute, right? And we love to LOL, so we decided to visit. Well we’re here to tell you, don’t bother. We didn’t LOL or even CALUOB (chuckle a little under our breath) once. We’re not anti-banana media. It’s just that if you’re going to talk to us while we’re enjoying a great source of potassium (okay, we learned ONE thing at eatachiquita.com) then you better make it worth the effort. So it remains, the funniest part of the banana is the peel left precariously on the floor. Oh, we also heard in the blogosphere that Chiquita sponsors terrorists or something. Nothing funny about that either.

  • << You Should Know About Justin Renteria

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    More of what we like to see. Justin Renteria, an Aurora-based illustrator and graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, recently popped up on the Fresh section of Communication Arts online. He’s done some nice work for LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Paste Magazine and others. Check out his website here and find him on our list of Recommended Talent.

    (Thanks to David Schell for the tip.)

  • Coke's 2008 Christmas Commerical

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    Good ol’ Santa Claus saves the day again. Surprised there’s any big brand left in the world who’s willing to do a Christmas specific holiday spot.

  • Denver-Born Director Needs Your Help to Crash the Super Bowl

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    For the last several years, Doritos has given commercial filmmakers (and those hoping to be) the chance to have their commercials air during the Super Bowl. This year, Jonas Mayabb – who was born and raised here in Colorado, later graduating from Art Center and staying in LA to direct and win a whole bunch of impressive awards – has entered the competition.

    He’d like your help by checking out his spot on the Doritos site and (positively) commenting on it if you feel so compelled – in the hope of being chosen as a finalist for public voting into the big game from 1/5 – 1/25. It’s got a clown who gets accused of stealing Doritos and an evil, young kid who gets punched in the face for being the one who’s actually stealing them at the end. So, it’s pretty damn entertaining. Go give it a view before some wanker from Wichita ends up with his spot in the mix.

  • Sign of the Apocalypse #14 - Tournament Logo-ing

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    Holy crap, take a look at this. Our newest intern, Kevin, got his wall hit up from a friend of his named Larry while they were both updating their status on Facebook. Anyhoo, seems that LogoTournament.com stages a logo contest for your company for the low, low starting price of $350. Check out a few of the contests here and here.

    Turns out the logos submitted aren’t all terrible, like you’d think. So the question arises – What the hell is Kevin doing on Facebook all day? And, of course, is this the work of the devil? Or is it a way for companies to get a polished logo, and for designers to work on their logo chops?

  • Wha?

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    We’re not big fans of snakes. We dated a Goth chick in junior college and it ended badly. Still, we would never wish this upon any creature. Incredibly disturbing print for Black & Decker lawn mowers out of Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but we prefer to use our mowers to cut grass and pick up dog poop.

    (Via I Believe In Advertising)

  • The Killers: Human (Live MTV European Music Awards 2008)

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    Truly stunning set design. And the song ain’t too shabby either. Hoping these guys get back to their roots on their next album.

    The Killers – Human (live MTV EMA 2008) from child prodigy on Vimeo.

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