• Hire Me: Jason Groff, Motion Graphics Designer

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    Name: Jason Groff
    Specialty: Motion Graphics Design
    Why Hire Me: About two weeks ago, I was laid-off, and though I haven’t been resting on my laurels, the motion graphics scene in Denver is such a niche market, that’s it been tough to find work. The advice I’ve been given is to expand outwards (as in, do something else – something not so specialized), but you know, some people grow up wanting to be astronauts, some people want to be rock stars, I just want to animate – it’s what I do. I’ve not had luck thus far finding that “dare to be great” job, but I take pride in my work regardless – no nonsense, no drama, no complaining – I want/need work so I can put my passion to better use.
    Contact Me: Reel

  • Hire Me: Toby Sjolander, Graphic & Broadcast Designer

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    Name: Toby Sjolander (Show-Lander)
    Specialty: Graphic & Broadcast Design
    Why Hire Me: My name is Toby Sjolander and I specialize in graphic design and broadcast animation. From 2001 to 2008 I worked at 9News in Denver but I was tragically laid off back in October. I can’t wait to rejoin the workforce and try something other than news graphics.
    Contact Me: trsjo[at]yahoo.com

  • Now Hiring: Freelance Creative for Print and Web

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    Hero Design Studio is searching for a Freelance Designer for Print and Web. Job details here.

  • Filmlight Baselight ONE Color-Grading System Demo

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    Our friends at Denver’s post-production house Crosspoint just sent us these nice demos created by their Senior Colorist, Eric Anonlin, using the new Filmlight Baselight ONE color-grading system.

    Here’s some tech-talk from the crew at Crosspoint on their cool, new toys. In concert with the new HDCAM SR Deck, the Baselight completes a start-to-finish, non-linear, data-centric HD workflow at Crosspoint. The Baselight system allows you to grade SD, HD and 2K footage natively, and in real-time. The multi-node architecture developed by Filmlight allows for complex grades in unlimited layers, as well as the ability to compare multiple projects at the same time. With the complete HD workflow solution Crosspoint can ensure top quality final products quicker and on budget.

    Good looking stuff. Check out the Baselight demos from Crosspoint here and here.

  • Hillmancurtis Has Amazing Work

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    Hillmancurtis, inc. is a film and web design firm in New York City with a client list that includes Adobe Systems Incorporated, AOL, Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Yahoo!, Inc., Rolling Stone and MTV, among others. They shoot beautiful work that deserves your attention. The piece below features artist Lawrence Weiner. Here are the rest of their films for your viewing pleasure.

    Thanks, Matt

  • New Belgium Brewery: "Work to Bike More" Outdoor Via Cultivator Advertising & Design

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    When New Belgium Brewing Co. was offered a package of urban Denver billboards, pro bono, for a pro-biking ad campaign, it quickly accepted, and assigned its agency, Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver, to create the outdoor messages. Neither client nor agency imagined how appropriate the placement would turn out to be.

    The headline, “Work to Bike More,” was inspired by the priorities of several New Belgium employees who may well be more passionate about cycling than about gainful employment. The billboard promotes New Belgium’s Team Wonderbike, which encourages both New Belgium employees and the general public to trade in their cars for a bike (motto: “Bike More. Drive Less”). The placement above PT Motor’s “Cash for Cars” sign, at I-76 and North Federal Blvd., Denver, was fortuitous.

    Media space was donated by Lamar Outdoor, via New Belgium’s media agency, Explore Communications, Denver. The vinyl on which the billboard is printed will be “repurposed” by Ecologic, Boulder, Colo., into bike messenger bags, which will be offered to Team Wonderbike members (including the billboard’s poster boy, Bryan “Big Bry” Simpson).

    New Belgium Brewing Co. is employee-owned, wind powered (since ’99), pro-bicycle, and recycles, reuses or composts 73% of its waste stream.

  • Nude Liftrider Incident Recreated by Photographer David Mejias

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    Surely, you remember the New Year’s day incident with the super-douche who managed to slide through a Vail chairlift and yank down his drawers in process? Well, Boulder photographer David Mejias has recreated the scene as a self-promo, along with retoucher Joel Given from XYZ Graphics.

    The final product consists of 6 images and 30+ hours of retouching, after the talent was rigged onto a 15-foot swing set. Why’d you blur the best part, David?

  • Depeche Mode Fans' Panties In a Wad

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    Depeche Mode fans are complaining about the new “Wrong” single artwork for the band from long-time album cover designer Anton Corbijn, saying it looks like a loaded ashtray. Is the design good? No. Is any of his design good? Not really. So, is it any big surprise?

    Thanks, Randall

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