• Home-Grown Home Radio

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    While rummaging through the inbox, we came across this spot for History Maker Homes by way of Miles Strategic DNA (website pending, apparently.)

    The spot itself was sent in by recommended copywriter Tom Van Ness. Fun spot for a very competitive market.

  • Free Lunch, Thanks to Good Times

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    Morey Evans Advertising and their digital media partner Motive have unleashed a leggy new campaign for local fast-food joint Good Times Burgers over the past few weeks. The Save the Burger campaign has some quirky TV and a bunch of social media outreach (Twitter, Facebook)—we’re actually pretty impressed with the breadth of the program.

    More importantly, they’re giving away free burgers. Grab a coupon at the campaign’s microsite.

  • Painting With The Sky

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    It’s always good to see something powerful and simple on a billboard. This piece for Berger Paints, by JWT India, certainly hits the mark. But who’d want to be the poor sap doing the painting?


    Advertising Agency: JWT, Mumbai, India
    Creative Director: Nandita Chalam
    Copywriter / Art Director: Minal Phatak

    Via I Believe In Advertising

  • PostNewsRealEstate.com Redesign

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    Despite all the rumors surrounding the two Denver dailies, it appears they’re continuing to refine their technological chops as the world shifts beyond printed papers to heavy online offerings. We never used the previous version of the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News PostNewsRealEstate.com website, but the newly launched version seems simple enough to navigate if you’re in the market for a home. Yes, they chose function over form in this site, but sometimes that’s okay. User/tech details follow.

    User Experience Improvements: – Improved site navigation – Search results that display relevant community, business information and Google Street View mapping – Closer integration of editorial content from the primary news sites

    Key Technical Goals of Redesign: – Cleaner, goal-based design – Standard compliant design (excluding vendor Flash embed) – Rails based CMS and integration of four separate vendors – Elimination of underperforming ad positions

  • iPhone Apps For Type Dweebs

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    Here are two cool new apps that double as entertainment and as lessons in shit you should know.

    Ever seen a great font in a magazine ad, poster, or on the web and wondered what font it is? Whip out your iPhone and snap a photo, and WhatTheFont for iPhone will identify that font in seconds! Download it.

    What do you get when you combine the graphic design geekdom of kerning letter with the pacing of Tetris? Answer: The KERN iPhone App. Letters must be inserted with pinpoint precision into place within words. A hair too far to the left or right and you’ll loose a life (measured in ligatures). Download it.

    (Via Isaac and Neu Black)

  • The Nike Cortez Brothers Double Pack

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    The inspiration for the Nike Cortez Brothers Double Pack spawns from the company’s two co-founders, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The unique product offering features two pairs of shoes packaged together—an original blue nylon 1972 Cortez (matching Bill’s throwback style) and a silver metallic 2009 redesigned Cortez Fly Motion (matching Phil’s innovative push forward).

    The campaign, developed by Tokyo Plastic, brings the two Cortez Brothers characters to life in brilliant form, as we’ve come to expect from this incredibly progressive firm. Enjoy The Cortez Brothers.

  • Sony Bravia Zoetrope Disappoints

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    Fallon London has set the bar impossibly high for themselves with their Sony Bravia ‘Colour Like No Other’ spots, including Balls, Paint and Play Doh. Today, they launched their newest spot called Zoetrope, refocusing their efforts away from color and instead on motion. As you’ll see, they smash their heads squarely on the bar they’ve set trying to jump over it with this new piece.

    Yes, they’ve built the world’s biggest zoetrope in the process, but what they’ve failed to do is tap into the epic, cinematic experience of past spots. Standing there in the crowd watching this thing spin may have been exciting, but it fails miserably when translated to the small screen. And where’s the epic music track we’ve come to expect? Will anyone pass this around to friends like the last batch of work? There’s no magic here, just a honking pile of wasted cash for Sony. Where have you gone, Juan Cabral?

    (Via CR Blog)

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