• Paraquad SA: Wheelchair Cafe

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    This feel patronizing to anyone else? Copy: Don’t drink and drive this festive season.

    (Via Scary Ideas)

  • Stuff To Do Friday Night: November 21

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    FAC – Ellen Bruss Design
    5:00 – 7:00pm at Ellen Bruss

    Each quarter, AIGA CO + ADCD join forces to provide a unique opportunity for local creatives to take a look inside some of Colorado’s front range design firms and agencies. Our FACs are a fantastic way to meet and mingle with fellow creatives and take closer look at some of the outstanding creative work that is being produced here in Colorado.

    Applied Ideas – Talks on Design, Volume 3 Print Design
    7:30pm at MCA DENVER

    Applied Ideas are open discussions on design and its relevance, theory, and practice. At a time when disciplines are converging, how does the role and application of design change? Each program brings leading creative professionals together to discuss relevant topics on the design horizon. Curated by Ian Coyle, this program aims to connect and engage Colorado’s creative community.

    Rick Griffith, MATTER
    Chris Cox, Changethethought
    Aaron Ray, Legwork Studio
    Ian Coyle, Superheroes, Inc.

    Locals Night 2 at Ink Lounge Gallery
    7:00pm at Ink Lounge Gallery

    Sample some of Colorado’s finest print artists during Ink Lounge Gallery’s second annual Colorado printmaking exhibit, opening Friday, November 21. Visitors will rethink ink as they gaze upon an oversized woodblock printed apron, ponder gritty screen printed baking sheets, peer into a letterpress house of cards, and rest their eyes on a woodblock print robot pillow. We have 20+ professionals and students representing the community for this exhibit – all doing things a little bit different and unique with ink for this show that runs through January 7, 2009.

  • Nascar Blindness

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    Nascar Blindness is a great term that we plan to adopt as of immediately.

    ..a common symptom of something that greatly afflicts people in the advertising community: NASCAR Blindness. Which is the strongly held belief that if no one in your little bubble of upscale artsy BoBo friends is into something, then clearly no one else is.

  • New Rant: Don't Be Afraid to Shoot the Sick Dog >>

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    Just when you thought you read the best of Felix’s advice, he hits you in the face with this. BAM!

  • Quillions

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    Quillions is a darkly comedic operetta exploring the human condition and how the prospect of fabulous wealth can erode all relationships. It was shot here in Denver last weekend by More Where That Came From Productions – one of 5 teams in the US picked by Panasonic to participate in a short film fest. The film was made in 48 hours for the Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown.

    Quillions from Alan Dague-Greene on Vimeo.

    (Thanks for the link, James)

  • Happy Friday from Sukle

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    We’re tired of bad news. The economy. Unemployment. Madonna’s impending divorce. (Why Midge, why?!) So we were delighted to read a bit of happy-happy on Lunchmeat Underpants, the uncensorized blog of Sukle Advertising and Design. Two items of note: One, they are building out the back half of their agency located in the Highlands neighborhood. Two, they hired a new writer named Zac Spector. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because he’s been residing on our Recommended Talent list for some time. (Oh, and he’s done some really nice work and toiled a spell at CP+B.) Cheers to Sukle for plucking one person from the unemployment line — hey, it’s a start — and good luck with the build out. Here’s hoping that before long you can hire the other 697 unemployed creatives in town. Or at least hire us.

    Now please enjoy a handsome portrait of Mr. Mike Sukle.

  • New Egotist Contest: The Holiday Card >>

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    We’re running a new contest that can put your work in front of thousands of people this holiday season. Get some.

  • The Most Horrible Day of My Life

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    To put it lightly, this new generation has a little learning to do.

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