• See Me Sue You

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    The case of Shepard Fairey vs. Associated Press continues over the Obama photo that became a poster that became a rallying cry for a nation. NPR has two interesting interviews from both sides of the issue – Shepard Fairey claiming his poster qualifies as a protected work under Fair Use (backed by the Stanford Law School’s Fair Use Project filing a lawsuit on behalf of Fairey) and Mannie Garcia claiming copyright infringement (with the AP and all its suits behind him). Where will it end?

    Thanks, Garrett

  • The Gene Pool Is Extinct

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    The concept behind Denver’s creative placement agency, The Gene Pool, was a great one. They didn’t represent every Tom, Dick and Harry with a Mac computer and two-year JuCo degree. Their “genes” were pre-screened, so you knew you were hiring someone you could trust (a philosophy we’ve wholeheartedly embraced with our recommended lists here at The Egotist.)

    Today, sadly, we got an email that The Gene Pool will dry up and close on April 1. It made us think, why do the good ones die? Why isn’t it Aquent or one of those other sweatshops that’s going the route of the dinosaurs? We don’t have an answer, but we’re tired of the economic sludge sucking the life from our city.

    Hello All Genes,

    As you can imagine, the economic downturn has really hit us hard. The business that was once stable for us has withered away and new business is sparse.

    After 10 years of meeting and working with such a fantastic group of professionals, I am truly sad to say that we will be closing our doors April 1. I apologize that I can’t give you this news to each of you personally. I wish you every success and hope that you all stay busy with interesting and well-paying gigs!

    Personally, it’s the end of a chapter for me. I’ll be spending more time with my boys, (I build pretty cool legos) and will be figuring out the meaning of life (I’ll let you know when I do!)

    It’s hard to say goodbye, so I’ll say see you around.

    Holly WB

  • Hire Me: Wolfgang Kammerer, Senior Graphic Designer

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    Name: Wolfgang Kammerer
    Specialty: Design
    Why Hire Me: Highly innovative, versatile and creative senior graphic designer with 21 years of experience in print collateral, marketing and packaging design. Especially skilled in the development of effective brand design materials. Seeking a challenging position as senior graphic designer or art director in the field of brand-aware marketing products.
    Contact Me: wmkammerer[at]comcast.net

  • Hire Me: Andy O'Dower, Marketing Director/Brand Manager

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    Name: Andy O’Dower
    Specialty: Marketing Direction/Brand Mangement
    Why Hire Me: I create and lead innovative brand strategies that grow business. I thrive in complex environments and I achieve clear goals. I get ROI for my clients with no excuses.
    Contact Me: andyodowerbiz[at]gmail.com

    Download Case Study – Press Kit of current client. I didn’t design the layout, I created the strategies that helped this brand grow and gain attention worldwide. The company has grown over $7 million in revenue and its products have been featured in Superman Returns, Oceans 11, NCIS & Boston Legal since I’ve managed their marketing, starting 3
    years ago.

    Download resume

  • It's Art; But Is It Advertising?

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    Weiden & Kennedy, London, recently produced several online spots to push the new Nokia E71 phone.

    W+K Shanghai had already produced a global TV and print campaign on the theme ‘Beautiful Connections’, and we (thank you Dave, LP, Sophie, Sermad and Toby!) took the brief to explore this idea in the digital space.

    Working with Hi-Res we collaborated with four generative artists, briefing them each to create a short film exploring the beauty of everyday connections – the artists were: Universal Everything, SHFT, Carl Burgess and Field.

    The spots are great examples of reinterpreting a brief to become something bigger and bolder. And the main goal of each was to get people to the microsite for the Nokia E71. But here’s an interesting question; does this work cross that line and become art, not advertising? Not saying either way here, but as the work has made people talk about the product, they’re certainly doing something right.

    Via Optimism

  • The World's Biggest Concert Performed by Hamburg's Orchestra

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    On March 2, the Hamburg State Philharmonic Orchestra performed the world’s biggest (and most unique) concert. The orchestra divided itself throughout the entire city of Hamburg, while keeping the exact formation it has on stage. The music director put her conductor’s stand up on St. Michael’s Tower where she conducted her musicians throughout the whole city.

  • Martin Agency Gets Savvy in Tough Market

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    Now that we’re knee-deep in posting the work of nearly 50 out-of-work creative industry people in Colorado trying to get them plugged back in, we’re extra sensitive to just how crappy the market is. So we thought it was interesting to hear about the Martin Agency’s new policy for people they’ve had to let go.

    When client cutbacks drove the Interpublic Group of Cos. shop to cut 5% of its staff last week, each of the 24 affected employees received a severance package, plus an offer: The agency is promising to pay prospective employers one half of the first month’s salary, up to $4,000, for any laid-off employee hired by May. It may not sound like much, but collectively, that’s a commitment of nearly $100,000—not exactly a drop in the bucket for any agency in these cash-strapped times.

    What a valiant offer, a way to prevent burning bridges, and a smart move to generate glowing PR in the wake of laying people off. Read more at Ad Age.

  • Hire Me: Taylor Williams, Copywriter

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    Name: Taylor Williams
    Specialty: Copywriting
    Why Hire Me: I am sick and tired of not having a job and being a slave to my pregnant wife’s will; also, my wife is pregnant with our first child, maybe that will buy me some sympathy votes for employment? I have been trying to do something busy and keep myself creative in my downtime by doing my Working For The Repo Man blog. I am a creative at heart, not only do I write, but I play music. So, if you want someone who can write, rock and be your slave, I am your man.
    Contact Me: Portfolio

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