• Hire Me: Lucio Duran, Senior Production Artist

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    Name: Lucio M. Duran
    Specialty: Senior Production Artist
    Why Hire Me: I take production seriously. I love what I do. I am determined to succeed.
    Contact Me: Portfolio

  • Hire Me: A Note About How This Will Work

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    We received more than 40 submissions from people who are out of work in this pathetic economy and looking for a doorway back in. Each person will get their own post on our site featuring their story and work. We’ll put 5 posts up per day, starting with those we received first, until we run out of work to feature.

    It’d be extremely unhelpful to anonymously critique the work of these people who frankly don’t need a kick in the stomach right now. It’d be extremely helpful to drop a comment that you’ve worked with them in the past and you’d recommend them to others or that you like their work or just tell a friend who’s hiring to check them out. Let’s get these people back in the saddle.

  • Peter Arnell Explains Failed Tropicana Packaging

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    Between the $10M Pepsi rebrand and this major eff up, the Arnell Group has got to be approaching the end of working on these CPG brands. We hope?

  • The Reality Coalition: Clean Coal Air Freshener

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    The Reality Coalition is a project of the Alliance for Climate Protection, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the League of Conservation Voters. “Air Freshener,” a new spot directed by the Coen Brothers, calls out the coal industry on their claims coal is clean. Don’t know how you’re feeling about it, but we think “mock product” advertising to prove a point is fairly played. Stick with movies, fellas. Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

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  • Heineken Fridge Spot Gets Owned (Or Is That Pwned?)

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    Whatever the correct internet term is, and we’re trying to act like we care, this spot for Bavaria beer kicks the Heineken guys right in the ass. To be honest, it makes them look like the cocktail-drinking cast of Queer Eye. Love a good parody, and this one is done well.

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  • Final Edition: From the Mouths of the Rocky Mountain News Staff

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    Not much you can say about this, other than it being very sad.

    Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

    (Via Thought Gadgets, Thanks Bill)

  • Crispin Porter Revamps Old Navy With "Supermodelquins." But Will They Work?

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    In an attempt to reverse the fortunes of the flagging Old Navy brand, CP&B has gone back to the fashion chain’s days of fun, camp and kitschy. And the result is a bizarre campaign focusing on upgraded mannequins, known as Supermodelquins, sporting the Old Navy garments.

    Channeling supermarket checkout rags like People and US Weekly, the campaign is very much tongue-in-cheek. There’s even a YouTube channel dedicated to the new fashion stars.

    As always, CP&B has done a great job with the production and the viral aspects of the campaign. But here’s the question; will relating Old Navy to tacky mags and kitsch videos help sell more clothes? It’s clearly targeted at the younger crowd, young moms specifically. And when Old Navy tried to go upscale last year, it bombed.

    But, this kind of unusual work from CP&B could either be a huge hole in one, or the final nail in Old Navy’s coffin. Still, it’s brave of both CP&B and Old Navy, and taking risks in this economy has to be applauded. And with Old Navy’s annual ad spend being close to $200 million, they’re putting a lot of cash behind it. We’ll keep on eye on this one.

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  • Rocky Mountain News R.I.P.

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