• Hire Me: Anthony Castellano, Art Director

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    Name: Anthony Castellano
    Specialty: Art Director
    Why Hire Me: This is how I survive – this is the only way I make money so why would I mess that up? If I screw this up, then I am out of money, out of a house and out of a life, and I will end up homeless on the streets without a dime to my name and no means to provide for myself. Knowing this ensures that I do everything I can to provide you with the best damn work possible.
    Contact Me: 303.919.6432

    ^ Concept: Poop bags printed by TRI-R Recycling. Donated to various parks in Colorado. Newspaper ad and busboards also featured the same message. Headline: Does a bear poop in the woods? Subhead: Not if there aren’t any woods. Client: TRI-R Recycling.

    ^ Headline: The next time people ask about bonuses, invite them to look out the window. Subhead: State of Colorado. Contact the Colorado Office of Economic Development…

  • Hire Me: Drew Wieland, Copywriter

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    Name: Drew Wieland
    Specialty: Copywriter
    Why Hire Me: For starters, I bring seven years of experience to the table, and I can write just about anything for any medium, and I do it really darn well and on time. Oh wait, that’s only one sentence. I suppose I could say that I’m really fun to work with, or maybe plug the fact that my kids are sick of Ramen.
    Contact Me: drewwieland[at]msn.com

    Click for Bellco Radio.

  • Sweet Suburbia Toy

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    The + Garden Gun 5.1 design was part of a project called The Design Reaktor Berlin, and is the perfect way to freak out your Highlands Ranch neighbors.

    In this multi-disciplinary research project at the Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), they want to encourage collaborations and match innovative designers’ skills with small and medium-sized companies to find new solutions to industrial design and locations in Berlin. Love it.

    Via Trendhunter

  • Hire Me: Amanda Babcock, Designer

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    Name: Amanda Babcock
    Specialty: Designer
    Why Hire Me: My design is smart. My smarts are inspired by the world around me. My world is full of passion and laughter.
    Contact Me: babcocka[at]gmail.com

  • Hire Me: Lucio Duran, Senior Production Artist

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    Name: Lucio M. Duran
    Specialty: Senior Production Artist
    Why Hire Me: I take production seriously. I love what I do. I am determined to succeed.
    Contact Me: Portfolio

  • Hire Me: A Note About How This Will Work

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    We received more than 40 submissions from people who are out of work in this pathetic economy and looking for a doorway back in. Each person will get their own post on our site featuring their story and work. We’ll put 5 posts up per day, starting with those we received first, until we run out of work to feature.

    It’d be extremely unhelpful to anonymously critique the work of these people who frankly don’t need a kick in the stomach right now. It’d be extremely helpful to drop a comment that you’ve worked with them in the past and you’d recommend them to others or that you like their work or just tell a friend who’s hiring to check them out. Let’s get these people back in the saddle.

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