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  • In The Inbox: Kyle Locke Design

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    Kyle Locke was one of the interactive designers/art directors who moved over from texturemedia when Crispin Porter + Bogusky purchased the Boulder interactive firm last summer. He has some great sites in his portfolio from both firms. Pay him a visit for a look.

    Client: Pentax, Role: concept, interactive AD&D, _pitch

    Client: Black Label SF, Role: interactive AD&D, flash/xml/xhtml

  • Hire Me: Chris Holland, Editor, Animator, Motion Designer

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    Name: Chris Holland
    Specialty: Editing, Animation, Motion Design
    Why Hire Me: I feel like I deserve to be employed because I know I could bring something special to any place that gives me the chance to work for them. For over 10 years, I have continued to improve and have learned in the business that it’s not about me but about the client, especially in these tough times. If given the opportunity I would be someone a company could rely on, be it in a team-oriented shop where ideas flow freely or a place where the “creatives” come up with ideas and concepts and ask me to go ahead and make it happen.
    Contact Me: Site

    2008 Animation and Design Reel from Chris Holland on Vimeo.

  • Colorado Creative Industry News 03.07.09

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    >> Harley-Davidson subsidiary Buell Motorcycle Co. has named Crispin Porter + Bogusky as its advertising agency of record, switching from Laughlin Constable after 14 years.

    >> The1stMovement hired Lindsey Jamieson as Senior Interactive Producer and promoted Tadeo Gonzalez to Senior Interactive Producer. Prior to joining The1stMovement, Lindsey was an Interactive Account Manager at Fusionbox, a Denver Interactive agency. Tadeo has been with The1stMovement LA office for two years and was previously an Interactive Producer.

    The1stMovement will also receive a 2008 Silver Davey Award and a 2009 Bronze ADDY Award for the work done for the AT&T Team USA Soundtrack campaign. The Davey Awards celebrate the creative excellence of smaller agencies and companies worldwide.

    >> The Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, with 150 offices in 86 countries, has relocated its Denver headquarters from the Denver Tech Center to Downtown Denver’s TAXI development, located in the River North Neighborhood (RiNo).

    >> Vladimir Jones, the 38-year-old family-owned Colorado Springs agency, has named Joe Hodas as Senior Vice President Brand Communications.

    >> SpyderLynk has a program running with Park Meadows Mall in the March issue of 5280 Magazine. Park Meadows is using a SpyderLynk SnapTag to offer readers the opportunity to instantly win a $52.80 gift card good at any Park Meadows restaurant.

    The advertisement can be found on the front inside cover of the March 5280 Restaurant Issue. Use your camera phone to snap and send the PM logo featured on the Park Meadows advertisement to participate.

  • A Place For Your Killed Ideas To Be Reborn

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    Steve Hall (of Adrants fame) is putting together a book of great ideas that bit the dust. Whether they were killed by the client, your CD, the account manager or all three, this is your chance to see that idea live on in print.

    The place to submit your dead work is called killedideas.com and Steve will pick his 50 favorite ideas for use in the book. The others, the ones that don’t make it, well it looks like they’ll get killed again. Ah well. Or maybe, just maybe, they’ll make it into volume two. Nothing like flogging that dead horse one more time.

    Via Spinning Around

  • NABS Viral Video Featuring Some Big Names of Advertising

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    If you don’t know what NABS is, you’re not alone. But for those in the U.K. (and Canada), especially newbies fresh out of college, it’s a lifesaver. The National Advertising Benevolent Society is an organization set up to help people needing emotional or professional help, be it finding a place to stay or getting much-needed training.

    Anyway, every year NABS hosts a fund-raising event. The theme is different every time, and there is usually a series of ads and viral marketing efforts put out there by the agency chosen to do the pro-bono work. This year, the task fell to CHI & Partners, and industry luminaries such as Sir John Hegarty, Sir Martin Sorrell and the infamous Tiger Savage show up to promote the Big Bash. Well worth one minute of your time.

    Via BrandRepublic

  • Google Causes City to Rename Itself

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    Eu, a small town in Northern France, ranks poorly in search engines because “EU” means many other things—European Union, .eu web domains in Europe, even the chemical symbol for Europium. In turn, residents of the town feel they’re missing out on potential tourists who aren’t finding info on their quaint village via Google.

    Marie-Françoise Gaouyer, the mayor of that historic town, has therefore decided to change the name of that town with a few extra syllables to improve organic rankings. Residents of the entire town will now vote to choose the new name, with Ville d’Eu (Town of EU), Eu-le-Château and Eu-en-Normandie as the top contenders.

    Google is officially taking over the world. Run for your lives.

    Via Digital Inspiration

  • Denver Copywriter Jordan Sher Breaks The Mold

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    While the majority of us are bootstrapping, penny-pinching and passing the days away in a state of doe-eyed hibernation, the smart ones in the bunch are heeding the advice we’ve all been pushing on our clients—that dark days are the time to promote the hardest. It’s when the cream rises.

    Denver copywriter Jordan Sher has embraced this philosophy full-bore with a new promotion he’s developed—built around the theme “My Head Full of Ideas.” The effort includes a new web presence made extra enticing with design and illustration from Hero Design Studio’s Shaw Nielsen and development by Creative Gale.

    The promo campaign also includes a direct mail component—old, used, classic books (“Old Man and the Sea”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” etc.) wrapped with a belly band and holding a bookmark with Jordan’s head sticking out the top of the book. The print pieces, developed in concert with Hero Design Studio, are being distributed to Denver’s advertising and design CDs.

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