• Roger Ebert is Our Prophet

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    Hallowed be his name.

    The AP, long considered obligatory to the task of running a North American newspaper, has been hit with some cancellations lately, and no doubt has been informed what its customers want: Affairs, divorces, addiction, disease, success, failure, death watches, tirades, arrests, hissy fits, scandals, who has been “seen with” somebody, who has been “spotted with” somebody, and “top ten” lists of the above. (Celebs “seen with” desire to be seen, celebs “spotted with” do not desire to be seen.)

    The CelebCult virus is eating our culture alive, and newspapers voluntarily expose themselves to it. It teaches shabby values to young people, festers unwholesome curiosity, violates privacy, and is indifferent to meaningful achievement. One of the TV celeb shows has announced it will cover the Obama family as “a Hollywood story.” I want to smash something against a wall.

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  • Nikon's Risque Camera Print

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    Euro RSCG is turning heads with its new lineup of Nikon ads. They’re making our Thursday snow day just a little warmer, too.

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  • Friends, They Are a Brewin'

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    Something’s going on over at FriendsofMine.tv. It appears to be a new motion graphics collective comprised of local talent. The site is obviously still under construction, but with Adam Espinoza and Adam Singer being a part of this, we foresee good things. Anyone have any more information on this?

    Also, a converted Airstream? Really? Awesome.

    (thanks Heather)

  • Matt Wiggins needs a job

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    His portfolio site may look like he’s gonna molest your collection of Star Trek paraphernalia, but the guy obviously has web development chops.

    From his resume:
    I can develop
    • Object-oriented ActionScript 3.0 for Flash/Flex
    • Object-oriented ASP.NET
    • Dynamic functionality on the client-side with JavaScript

    I can design
    • Media for the web with Adobe Software
    • Standards-compliant layouts with XHTML
    • Normalized databases for the web

    And I can put it all together with SQL, Web Services and XML

  • Diesel: Pete The Meat Puppet

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    Here’s another bizarre film making the blog rounds. It’s one in a series featured on the new Diesel website. And it is mighty strange. Directors: Legs. Agency: Farfar, Stockholm.

  • Adobe Creative Suite 4: The Seed

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    Director Johnny Kelly brings paper models to life using Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection in this short film. Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

    (Via Coloribus)

  • New Editorial: GM and Ford: Different Roads to Washington >>

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    From Jeremy Greenfield, editor of Post Advertising (go check it out) and a contributor to AdFreak, comes some refreshing perspective on the government bailout of the Big 3 and how it relates to the industry we know and love – advertising. Read it.

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