• Colorado and Its Agencies in The News

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    Cultivator Advertising and Design is in the Campaign Spotlight in The New York Times today for its breaking work, The Yuletide Project, for Cherry Creek North. More killer PR work from Dan Barron who can be found at db315[at]earthlink.net if you want him promoting your shop.

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    Thomas Taber & Drazen had the Ad of the Day spot on Adweek last Friday for their print ad entitled “Boy” for Park City Mountain Resort.

    TDA Advertising & Design has been in the news for their Memorex campaign, the first major advertising effort for the brand since the 1970s. Along with print ads, which are 70% of the media buy, TDA has created Cab Karaoke – outfitting taxis in San Fran, Chicago and NY with Memorex’s SingStand, a full sized microphone, stand and speakers that allows users to sing along with music – then recording people who work their magic and uploading their videos to MyKaraokeCab.com.

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    On Friday, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper unveiled the Mile High City’s window display on “Good Morning America.” Denver was one of three cities selected to decorate a window at the ABC News Studios. While Mayor Hickenlooper unveiled the display, “a festive pep rally with more than 200 participants dressed in ski and snowboard gear was staged in Denver’s Union Station from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. to coincide with the New York airing.” The “Good Morning America” broadcast cut back and forth from New York to the local crowd in the station throughout the morning, showcasing Denver’s festive spirit and city pride. The window was designed by Designed by Keita Usuda, senior designer at Condit Exhibits. Hmmm.

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  • An ode to the Ford Bronco

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    Seeing how The Big Three have been in Washington — hat in hand begging for a bailout — what could be a better time to highlight the golden era of American automobile manufacturing, the 1980s. I imagine my affection for the Ford Bronco II is not something I share with many of you readers. I see the truck as a quintessential piece of my Midwestern upbringing, a purely nostalgic exercise.

    We couldn’t agree more.

  • Colorado Confectioners Craft Creative Candies

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    The only thing we like around here more than alliteration is candy. That’s right, the sweet, sweet goodness that gets us through our searing depression and into the next day.

    The folks over at Hammond’s Candy in Denver have been hand-making sweets since the 1920s and haven’t looked back. The Egotist and family enjoyed a weekend factory tour of the facilities and marveled at the hand-craftsmanship that’s involved.

    Here is a campy video about the place which is actually the prelude to the tour. And once on the tour, there is free candy and loads of fun for the kiddies.

    Sure, it’s not advertising, but it is a tasty mix of art and craft, and what better way to suck less than to suck more candy?

  • New Idea: The Collective Ego >>

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    We did this when we began the site and it was a lot of fun (example 1, 2, 3). We’re starting it up again with a new slant. Help us help you.

  • Cactus Launches Own Your C 2.0

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    When Cactus launched the recent ‘The Cigarette is Dead’ campaign, we thought it may have meant the death of the exceptional ‘Own Your C’ campaign directed at teens (previous work here and here). Alas, we were incorrect, as Cactus has just alerted us to the launch of Own Your C 2.0 – an evolution of the Own Your C campaign focused on empowering teens to own their choices and recognize the consequences of those choices, including how they relate to tobacco use.

    There’s a ton of new TV work, with each spot driving viewers to ownyourC.com – a site developed in collaboration with AgencyNet. The site is “a rich online community that encourages teens to share, connect and influence conversations with peers about the choices they face every day.” Another fantastic integrated campaign from a Colorado agency on fire.

    Plugging In from Own Your C on Vimeo.

    Species from Own Your C on Vimeo.

    Wireless Theatre from Own Your C on Vimeo.

    Refreshing from Own Your C on Vimeo.

    Sun Moon from Own Your C on Vimeo.

  • Sony Bravia Shooting a New One

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    Our friend Åsk at Adland just returned from Turin, Italy where she was on-set for the latest Fallon Sony Bravia commercial shoot. Read all about it.

  • << New Developer Position Posted

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    FL2 is searching for an Advanced XHTML/CSS Developer. Job details here.

  • The Clayton Brothers: FUEL TV Signature Series ID

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    Rob and Christian Clayton – The Clayton Brothers – grew up here in Colorado and we were privileged to grow up with them. They’ve been on the fine art tip working from Pasadena, California for a number of years, doing shows in Denmark, Italy and communist China, among others. With this new FUEL TV Signature Series ID, they’ve gotten back into the commercial art mix. With a vengeance. Check it out. Then, check this out for more on the story.

    The Clayton Brothers – FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

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