• The Spirit of The Rocky Will Live

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    Details are scant at this hour, but we have an inside track that has confirmed the spirit of The Rocky Mountain News will live on as a paid-subscription online publication in Denver. It will be a totally new website, completely separate from I Want My Rocky – the site that has been run by ex-Rocky staff since the printed paper’s demise a few weeks ago.

    The new site will launch Monday morning, with a press announcement scheduled at the press club sometime Monday to reveal details. The new venture, which has yet to be named, is visioned by three local executives and the ex-staff at the Rocky. The Spirit of The Rocky Lives.

  • Working the room online

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    Great little article on the importance of social networking as a valid form of business marketing.

    The best part?

    ..a direct marketing mailing cost $15,000 and brought in 200 new customers; a billboard ad cost $7,500 and won 300 new customers; and tweeting the promotion on Twitter attracted 1,800 new customers.

  • For Once, Positive News

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    Don’t care who you are, drop one positive comment below that’s going on with you professionally right now. Your agency won an account. You did some great work for a deserving client. You hired somebody. You’re profiting against the odds.

    We’ll collect all the comments that get dropped and put them into one huge post full of good vibrations—for an industry that desperately needs a ray of light right now. GO.

    P.S. We’re deleting anything rude or negative, just this one time. So, don’t bother if that’s all you’ve got.

  • Lighter Beer

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    Lovely new spot for Mahou Premium Light, a new beer with 35% fewer calories. AdverBox reports “Nico Caicoya, the director, didn’t want to use post-production effects for the spot, instead creating a rotating set built for the shoot in Prague. When it looks like the dancers are on the walls, it’s really the camera and the entire set that are turning upside-down. Choreography was created by Suple who has worked with artists such as Jamiroquai and Madness.“ Advertising Agency: El Laboratorio, Spain. Music: Lost Fingers.

  • Xylem Digital Lays Off 'Good Friends and Colleagues'

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    We just got this short, somber note from one of the heads over at Xylem Digital. Somebody needs to announce some good news in this market already. Time for a drunken bash of some sort to burn off aggression.

    “Due to the current economic climate, Xylem eliminated a number of positions today to restore the company to the right size to service the business it has today. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to some very good friends and colleagues.”

  • Tibor Kalman Recession Poster

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    An oldie, but goodie designed back in 1991 by the late, great Tibor Kalman that seems pretty apropos to dust off for today. Stomachs of the World Unite!

    Thanks, David

  • Hire Me: Laura Quam, Web/UI/Graphic Designer

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    Name: Laura Quam
    Specialty: Web/UI/Graphic Design
    Why Hire Me: In my 12 years of experience as a graphic and web designer, I have excelled in design with an eye to the content— translating difficult information into compelling communications. Between ground-up branding for freelance clients, corporate site design, and interface work, I have always worked to blend clarity, functionality and beauty. I can offer you:
    >> 10 years of experience in design including identity, presentations and print
    >> HTML, XHTML and CSS coding expertise
    >> Organic SEO (search engine optimization)
    >> Top-notch verbal, written and copy-editing skills
    Contact Me: Site

  • Two Articles on Apple

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    These aren’t new, but they’re short and they’re worth reading:

    Apple’s design process – presented at last year’s SXSW.
    The much underappreciated principle of pleasure – why Apple is great at interfaces when others are not.

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