• Denver Illustrator/Designer Josh Holland Updates

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    Josh Holland launched a new site last week with a bunch of new work, larger images and a new blog. It's definitely worth a spin.

    If you're a PBR drinker, you can also sip on a piece of Josh this summer. For a limited time this year, every 16 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon made will be a PBR x Josh Holland artist series can. They should be hitting stores/bars/venues soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them through the warm summer season. Bottoms up.

  • Snickers Discovers What Happens When Construction Workers Aren't Themselves

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    Snickers Australia teamed up with Aussie builders to shout empowering statements to passers-by in Melbourne, Australia. Startled pedestrians began laughing when they understood what was being said — very atypical of construction workers' usual catcalls. Agency: ClemengerBBDO Melbourne.

  • My Parent's Website: An Archive of the Web's Worst Dying Sites

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    Chris Sheldon's dad’s lawyer website won best lawyer website in 1997. Chris made the website, My Parent's Website, for his father's website. He’ll post your parent’s website too. Let's collect and preserve all of our parent's websites before they accidentally delete them.

    Email your parent's website to: myparentswebsite@gmail.com.

  • #PackagingLaunch: Lucky's Ice Cream - Via TDA_Boulder

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    As part of Lucky’s Market growth from a small Colorado store, to a nationally based chain, they came to TDA to bring their home crafted line of ice cream out of the case and into the frozen food section of their expanded stores. The design strives to have a simplicity that is a nod to the old world ingredients used to make the ice cream, and at the same time have a flavor appeal that comes from both classic and modern culinary flavor offerings across the 12 sku line.

  • Making Neon Signs in Hong Kong

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  • Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game's SXSW Travelog

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    Hometown hip hop heroes, Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game, made the journey to Austin to participate in their first official SXSW showcase. Here's a short recap of their adventure down south to represent Colorado.

  • Fire Drums

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    FirePixels from LiveSpark are flame effects that can be choreographed to every touch of the drumstick. Each drum is connected to a MIDI trigger, capable of sensing how hard and where it was hit — and reacting accordingly. Each FirePixel is capable of 256 different flame heights providing a 1" - 40" flame height that can be varied in real-time. Sure like to see someone who really knows how to beat the skins get up to no good on this set.

  • Former Amelie Company Creative Director Gordy Hirsch Goes to School

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    School, Boulder has welcomed Gordy Hirsch, who joins the purpose-led agency as Creative Director.

    Previous to his role at School, Hirsch helmed the creative at Amelie Company in Denver and created highly successful campaigns for clients such as the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado State Patrol and Way To Go.

    With CDOT, Hirsch worked on acclaimed campaigns for seatbelt safety, teen driving, child passenger safety and DUI prevention. He most recently completed a historic first-of-its-kind campaign for drugged driving called, “Drive High, Get a DUI”, which launched shortly after Colorado legalized marijuana sales in the state,.

    “We are a growing strategy and creative shop that blends hyper-creativity with a purpose to make the world a better place,” says School’s founding principal, Max Lenderman. “Gordy’s work on behalf of CDOT has been incredibly effective in creating awareness and behavioral change. We say we are an agency for big ideas and great deeds; Gordy is a creative director that embodies this spirit perfectly.”

    “I’ve been following School since its launch last year,” says Hirsch. “School’s model for making great work is truly unique and powerful. I’m thrilled by the opportunity to work with such passionate, empathetic and brilliant people.”

    School works with its partners to integrate purpose into their strategies and stories. Its work focuses on human-centric mediums that inspire people to share, participate and act. Most recently, the agency’s founding principals travelled with Pencils of Promise to help build schools in rural Guatemala. Launched in August 2013, School has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Ad Age and MediaWeek.

    Congrats, Gordy. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to.

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