• New Amazon spot for the all new Kindle Paperwhite

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    Nice to see them trying to push a point of differentiation, but does it have to be so boring? Seems like there has to be a better way to show off what this thing does, right?

  • A puppet and Bar Refaeli have sex...

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    No, that's not the start to a bad joke. It's the start to a bizarre Israeli underwear commercial that's been banned from prime time. The concept is basically a puppet's wet dream, complete with digitized-out puppet penises.

    We can't believe we just wrote that last sentence. Watch, before we write something more insane.

  • New work for Fruit of the Loom from CPB

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    Fruit of the Loom is reinventing the way people #StartHappy with the introduction of the world’s first-ever Undie Iron. The Undie Iron is the newest addition to Fruit of the Loom’s line of innovative products, whose other recent innovations include the reinvented boxer briefs for men and ladies’ cotton panty for women. The finger-operated, USB powered device is guaranteed to smooth fabric creases and wrinkles in seconds, with the potential to increase underwear positivity by as much as 54% in a single use. Starting today, the Undie Iron is for sale here and will hit store shelves in 2022.

  • RTD Union Station Update

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    As seen on Twitter

  • #RecentWork: Skoop

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    Skoop is a family of superfood powdered (and powered) drink mixes that is being developed by Alex Bogusky and some of the people originally behind Izze and Mix1, dedicated to making it super simple for everybody to get the energy, vitality and health benefits of superfoods every day. The A-Game product has been available for a while, and some B-Line products—B-Strong and B-Lovely—are about to hit the market. Good Apples has been working directly with Alex on the branding and identity system and the packaging, which consists of a lot of supporting info graphics and icons to help tell the story of super foods in a fun, approachable way.

    Good Apples has been working over the past year on the packaging and branding and has received some good press from Notcot. and Cool Hunting.

  • Canada's WestJet converts to metric time

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    Known for their April Fool's jokes, WestJet doesn't disappoint this year either. Metric time. Awesome. How many people are going to fall for this one?


  • This Is SportsCenter - Andrew McCutchen

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    John Anderson's morning breakfast meeting doesn't go as planned.

  • Topo x Zeal x Burkard: "The Cradle of Storms" April 2nd & 3rd

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    Topo Designs and Zeal Optics are teaming up to offer Denver and Boulder the opportunity to see a screening of Surfer Magazine's "The Cradle of Storms" as well as meet the crew and view additional slide show footage of this untamed surfing adventure in Alaska.

    Chris Burkard, the film's Director of Photography and Senior Staff Photographer at Surfer Magazine will be in attendance along with Josh Mulcoy and Pete Devries.

    Details of the invites here:

    Denver screening

    Boulder screening

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