• Blue Klavika, Please

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    We’re seeing Klavika, the awesome typeface from Process Type Foundry, everywhere.

  • Illustrating Spam

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    Hilarious illustrations based off spam subject lines.

  • Squash the Douchebag Epidemic

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    They’re in meetings. They’re in traffic. They’re in bars, restaurants and malls. They’re d-bags. And they’re everywhere. Fortunately, you can finally do something about it – thanks to JB Leach – your friend and ours.

    JB noticed D-Scourge too (as we call it) and has taken it upon himself to launch a public service campaign, alerting perpetrators of their d-baggery. You can join JB in this important Denver cause.

    He’s developed a special card, now available for purchase, that is designed to be handed out whenever, wherever duty calls. At first glance, the recipient thinks they’re receiving something special. The card appears to be a gift, when indeed it is not. It is a potent message that must often be communicated, “You’re a douche-bag.”

    Please support this noble effort. A set of 10 cards is now available for the low price of $2. To order, send a $2 check made out to “JB Leach” along with your address to:

    1345 Madison Street, #1
    Denver, CO 80206

    This could be the most important money you ever spend. Hurry, there is no time to wait.

  • Chase Jarvis' ADCD Teaser #2

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    Photographer and motion director Chase Jarvis is giving a talk on creativity and social media for Art Directors Club of Denver on June 12. Here’s the second in a series of teasers for his address. Here’s the first one if you missed it.

    Chase is also a judge for ADCD’s annual award show. ADCD’s call-for-entries is going on now, with work being judged on the weekend of June 12 while Chase is here.

  • Dreamy Adobe Work

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    The Shortcut To Brilliant campaign is part of Adobe’s marketing efforts for CS4. All of the work is based on the idea that with Adobe software, the creative professional can take an ordinary object and, with their inspiration and Adobe tools, turn that object into something extraordinary.

    As part of the Shortcut To Brilliant campaign, artists in various disciplines were asked to use CS4 to create a piece of artwork. With “Le Sens Propre,” the short film from Animator Cisma (Denis Kamioka) featured above, his motivation was to make a film where the way you tell the history is more important than the history itself. It’s a symbolic, dream-live voyage in the universe of a little girl, where what you see is not always what it means.

    Read more about it, including an interview with Cisma, on Glossy inc. Advertising Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

  • Michael Lebowitz of Big Spaceship Talks "Viral"

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    Interesting perspective from a serious thought leader after his chairing of the viral jury at D&AD this year.

    Via Michael Lebowitz

  • Mac Attacks Back

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    This is starting to feel like the Coke vs. Pepsi cola wars from back in the day. It’s getting pretty entertaining to watch. Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

    Via The Inquistr

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