• I'm In a Snuggie: Dirty Version

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    You may have witnessed the most excellent digital short on SNL recently called “I’m On a Boat” (featured below). Well, worthy local designer and illustrator, Chris Gregori, has sent us the remixed track “I’m In a Snuggie” – soon to hit the meathead-filled clubs of Denver. Give it a listen why don’t you?

  • The 400

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    “The 400” originated as a term during the Gilded Age in NYC and is defined as the most exclusive social set in a community. In Denver, The 400 is an independent creative services firm integrated with a retail storefront. The goal from this unique, inspiring idea is for employees of The 400 to learn from their face-to-face interactions with consumers, then use those learnings to better inform the marketing they develop for brands.

    Kris Fry, head creative, is talented and has collaborated with a number of Denver agencies, including Factory Design Labs and Collective International, on design, illustration, product marketing and trend reporting projects, as well as working directly with clients. Good stuff.

  • Loewe: Extremely Realistic Sound

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    Is Scholz & Friends one of the best advertising agencies in the world? Yes.

    (Via I Believe In Adveritising)

  • The Michael Jackson Auction

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    From April 22-25, 2009, an auction by Julien’s Auctions at the Beverley Hills Hilton will provide an unprecedented look into the private world of Michael Jackson. Observer Music Monthly has obtained this exclusive preview of some of the items going under the hammer. And, surprisingly, there are no boy toys in the mix.

    Below: A pair of Michael Jackson’s Triumph-era socks with uppers covered in rhinestone banding. They date back to his 1981 Triumph tour with the Jacksons. Guide price $600-$800.

    (Via Guardian)

  • Posted Without Comment #6

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  • 100 Days, 100 Songs, 100 Locations, 100 Dances

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    Ely Kim is a student. But very soon he will be the professor.

    BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

  • Workin' For The Repo Man

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    Taylor Williams is an out-of-work copywriter in Denver who has stumbled upon an interesting side job helping a skiptracer (read: repo man) try to track down cars that have gone unpaid on loans.

    Taylor started a blog about it and he’s hoping the writing he’s doing there might generate interest in a real writing gig. To be honest, this work sounds much more entertaining than have a foul-breathed CD hassling you all day. But what do we know? Go read Workin’ For The Repo Man.

  • How Do Fonts Look in Different Browsers?

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    An übernerd over at Kontain put together a surprisingly useful video and resource for comparing how your fonts look in Photoshop with how they render in different browsers.

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