• Push IQ, Where Are You?

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    Push IQ is a collective of long-time agency creatives and technical masters in Denver who came together to make a little extra coin by building their very own freelance site and peddling their wares to clients and agencies. They contacted us eons ago about “having their site ready soon,” yet it still sits flacid as the day it was created over at PushIQ.com.

    We’re hoping this post lights a fire under them because we love watching new companies come to life to show us all smart, new ways of doing things.

  • When Kingons Attack

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    Crispin Porter + Bogusky has built a immensely entertaining site around Burger King’s tie-in to the new Star Trek movie, called Kingon Defense Academy. The TV effort features spots in which “Kingons” (a weird morph of The King and Klignons) steal Star Trek-themed Burger King cups from unsuspecting fast food junkies. The website picks up where the TV leaves off with tips to defend against Kingons who come looking to pilfer your swag. A few of the how-to lessons are featured below.

    Defending Against Talaxian Limb Paralysis:

    Defending Against Suliban’s Strum:

    Defending Against Dance of Seduction:

  • D I S H W I R E

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    d i s h w i r e™ is the first online wire service that caters to both restaurants and the media. Restaurants will now have an affordable option for getting the word out to hundreds of writers and editors across the country on a daily basis. The media can directly access d i s h w i r e™ via website, RSS or Twitter for up to the minute industry information. Posts will be relevant, succinct, and (soon) content rich.

    d i s h w i r e™ is a product created by d i s h Publicity, a Boulder-based PR firm that specializes in restaurants. Nice idea.

  • Mother Promotes Dope... 'Er Coke

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    Check out this radical, albeit trippy, new spot for Coke from Mother, London and director Dougal Wilson.

    Via AdFreak

  • Cactus Powers Up The Generator

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    A breaking energy awareness campaign aims to gently present consumers with two separate messages about modernization. One is pleasing to hear, concerning increased use of renewable energy sources. The other, less so, about the increased energy demands that all, or at least, most consumers are now making. The campaign comes from the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, which “wholesales electricity to the regional utilities who in turn sell directly to consumers” (if you can follow that thought). It was created by advertising agency Cactus, Denver.

    Photography shows old-fashioned settings that have been outmoded by new ways of using power. The photographer, Randal Ford, of Austin, Texas, was chosen, says Cactus creative director Norm Shearer, for his “knack for smashing two different visual ideas together in one photograph.”

    The campaign’s goal is to increase public awareness of both the supply and demand sides of an informed energy policy. The household juxtapositions are intended to suggest the larger-scale modernizations going on in power generation and transmission, changes which, the ads’ text notes, will increase Tri-State’s use of “clean and green” renewable energy sources. The visuals are also intended to remind today’s consumers of their increased power usage. The campaign runs in city and community newspapers across four Western states.

    CD: Norm Shearer
    ACD/AD: Jeff Strahl
    CW: Ryan Johnson

  • Say No To Bloody Advertising

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    In case you’re at an agency considering the use of blood (or bloody-red liquid that looks just like blood) in your next campaign, let us stop you right now and recommend against that idea. People don’t want to see it. People don’t want to touch it. And people don’t want to be reminded of a bloody pile-up on I-5 every time they think of your brand henceforth.

    Italian poster announcing the release of the film Murder at St Valentin:

    Amnesty International, promoting against domestic violence, replaced the normal soap in Lisbon bar bathrooms with red soap that was “identical in color and thickness to blood”:

    Via Bloguerilla and Copyranter

  • Something to Gawk At

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    Online pub Gawker – which describes itself as “Gossip from Manhattan and the Beltway to Hollywood and the Valley” – has put together a reel to convince advertisers to buy space on their site. And it’s clear they’re confident in who they are when you watch it. Great work that’s been posted on nearly every site we read, generating a very healthy bang for the buck.

  • As If There Isn't Enough God Damn Spam

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    We’re starting to get Facebook messages sent to us from our friends, but when we click through it’s spam. This happening to you yet? It’s making us want to ditch Facebook permanently. Get this nonsense figured out, tech dweebs.

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