• Colorado Agency Recognition News: Communication Arts Interactive Annual 15

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    Interactive is the game to be in and Colorado is starting to be the place to be in interactive. Congrats to the three Colorado agencies in the latest CA Interactive Annual. There were 38 total projects showcased in the book and we got 3 spots. Nice percentage. Check out CA for interviews with the creators of the sites.

    The Lake Nona site, designed and developed by FL2 using assets from an existing print campaign, beautifully presents Lake Nona—a 7,000-acre master-planned community located in Orlando, FL. At the time of CA’s printing, the site had received 188,000 unique visitors. It was developed in Flash ActionScript, After Effects, AJAX, Photoshop, Illustrator, .NET and MySQL.

    Factory Design Labs landed their own agency site in the annual. Scheduled to coincide with their office relocation to Cherry Creek and a new identity and portfolio, the site defines the essence of the studio and the level of work that clients can expect from it presented through full-screen video and bold graphics. There’s also an iPhone version of the site.

    Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Whopper Sacrifice Facebook app for Burger King also got into the annual. Launched in conjunction with two other Whopper-specific campaigns, Whopper Sacrifice was built around the message “Whopper Love.” To determine the strength of America’s love of the Whopper, a simple challenge was offered: Sacrifice ten of your Facebook friends, and Burger King will reward your loyalty with a free Whopper. In only 10 days, before being shut down by Facebook for breaking their rules, 233,906 people were sacrificed. Does America love the Whopper more than it loves its friends? Yep.

  • CP+B Auctions Its Interns

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    Crispin has launched an eBay auction for the services of their 40 interns who are working in their Boulder and Miami offices. The bidding began at $1 and has already climbed to $4,250, with eight days and 3 hours remaining.

    According to AdAge, the winning bidder will receive a “creative presentation” developed by Crispin’s interns in a three-month period, consisting of strategies, recommended brand positioning and concepts. What the bidder won’t get is production services or any finished advertising materials.

    Each year, the interns work for Crispin clients, but a portion of their time is carved out to work on special assignments that are typically pro bono. Now they’ll just work on this instead. Here’s an idea, you could have them work on your book. That’s gotta be worth $4k to get right.

  • Bahama Fridays

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    There’s a sweepstakes going on right now offering winners a 6-day, 5-night trip to the Bahamas. The Bahama Fridays Sweepstakes is being promoted through the fake newscast below, as well as by commuters walking through the NY streets in bikinis and other beachwear. Dude, promote this in Denver.

  • Is It Time To Get Out Of Advertising?

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    Many of you out there will watch this and say, hell yes.

  • TDA Advertising and FirstBank in The New York Times

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    In today’s Campaign Spotlight in The New York Times, you might recognize some of the work you’ve been seeing up around town for FirstBank brought to you by our friends TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder. After what seemed like a sporadic start, this campaign has hit a healthy rhythm, especially the latest ads—featuring contact info for a local small business and the tagline “We care about small business.”

    According to The NYT, the campaign is being expanded to offer small businesses free services like advertising, online and offline; website development; and listings on an Internet directory. The services are to be bundled in what FirstBank calls the DotFree small-business package. What can we say, we’re in awe of this idea.

    Wondering what the secret sauce is that’s landed both Cultivator and TDA in The New York Times over the last 6 months? Great work and a great PR man, Dan Barron. You should get yourself one.

  • Prasoon Joshi in Luerzer's Archive

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    Luerzer’s Archive: How do you define an idea?
    Prasoon Joshi: I’ve never been able to. All I can say is that it has edges. It haunts and stays with you. It’s strange and yet carries a sense of deja-vu. You see, I believe that you don’t come up with an idea. Ideas choose you. And they do that only if you have a fertile mind. You have to keep learning, thinking, experiencing. And let the ideas get in tune with you. A wire cannot say, “I am electricity.” It’s just a medium. So is a human mind. We need to strive to be a worthy medium for ideas.

    Prasoon Joshi is Executive Chairman and Regional Creative Director, South and South-East Asia for McCann Erickson.

  • Perfect Solution For A Business Card

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    Business cards are often conversation starters. They say something (but not everything) about who you are and what you do. So when Andrea Romani, an environmental consultant, wanted something appropriate, the result was nothing less than genius.

    Advertising Agency: Fischer, Lisbon, Portugal
    Creative Director: Diogo Mello
    Art Director: Marco Martins
    Copywriter: Rafael Pitanguy

    Via I Believe In Advertising

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