• Is It Time To Get Out Of Advertising?

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    Many of you out there will watch this and say, hell yes.

  • TDA Advertising and FirstBank in The New York Times

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    In today’s Campaign Spotlight in The New York Times, you might recognize some of the work you’ve been seeing up around town for FirstBank brought to you by our friends TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder. After what seemed like a sporadic start, this campaign has hit a healthy rhythm, especially the latest ads—featuring contact info for a local small business and the tagline “We care about small business.”

    According to The NYT, the campaign is being expanded to offer small businesses free services like advertising, online and offline; website development; and listings on an Internet directory. The services are to be bundled in what FirstBank calls the DotFree small-business package. What can we say, we’re in awe of this idea.

    Wondering what the secret sauce is that’s landed both Cultivator and TDA in The New York Times over the last 6 months? Great work and a great PR man, Dan Barron. You should get yourself one.

  • Prasoon Joshi in Luerzer's Archive

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    Luerzer’s Archive: How do you define an idea?
    Prasoon Joshi: I’ve never been able to. All I can say is that it has edges. It haunts and stays with you. It’s strange and yet carries a sense of deja-vu. You see, I believe that you don’t come up with an idea. Ideas choose you. And they do that only if you have a fertile mind. You have to keep learning, thinking, experiencing. And let the ideas get in tune with you. A wire cannot say, “I am electricity.” It’s just a medium. So is a human mind. We need to strive to be a worthy medium for ideas.

    Prasoon Joshi is Executive Chairman and Regional Creative Director, South and South-East Asia for McCann Erickson.

  • Perfect Solution For A Business Card

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    Business cards are often conversation starters. They say something (but not everything) about who you are and what you do. So when Andrea Romani, an environmental consultant, wanted something appropriate, the result was nothing less than genius.

    Advertising Agency: Fischer, Lisbon, Portugal
    Creative Director: Diogo Mello
    Art Director: Marco Martins
    Copywriter: Rafael Pitanguy

    Via I Believe In Advertising

  • Markkit Web Text Highlighter

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    Markkit is a sweet tool that allows you to highlight text on any web page. Simply drag and drop the yellow pen onto your browser tool bar. Click it and highlight away when you need it. It only works with Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. But those are the browsers you should be using anyway.

    Try it by clicking the pen below and highlighting all the brilliant text you find on our site:

    Via Made With Computers

  • Native Green Project

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    Pele Verde (“Native Green Project”) is an interesting documentary in which native residents of the Amazon entered the forest with video cameras to show firsthand how they live and how they’re adapting to areas of the forest that are now in conservation. The films were made possible with financial support from Brazilian bank Bradesco. Episode One is below. The other nine episodes can be viewed here. Advertising Agency: age./Isobar Brazil.

  • Eminem's Relapse Has Us Feeling High

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    We got an advance copy of Eminem’s new album set for a Tuesday release. We’d be willing to bet it’ll be up for album of the year in some capacity. The lyrics are dark and the beats are deep. Dr. Dre produced it and hasn’t lost a single step. Grab it on Tuesday.

    Edit: For the record, some of us here at the Egotist think the new album is incredibly disappointing. Em sounds whiney and Dre phoned the whole thing in. Just sayin.

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