• The Cannes Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest

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    This year, Cannes is holding a contest for young talent. A brief was issued for an ad for a charity and teams were given 48 hours to create, produce and post a YouTube video.

    The challenge was to make a video that tells people why December’s UN climate change summit in Copenhagen is one of the most important meetings in human history, and that the clock is ticking on our chances to save the world from the effects of climate change. The two winners will be teamed up in Cannes to form Team YouTube and compete against 37 other teams from around the world in the Young Lions Film Competition.

    The work has been completed and the voting has commenced. Here are a few of the submissions. You can watch and vote for others here.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Corien de Jong

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    Originally from the Netherlands, Corien de Jong made her way across the pond – spending many years in New York as an interactive art director at agencies including MVBMS EuroRSCG, FCBi, and Modern Media/Digitas working on business for Volvo, Dr. Scholls, e-file, Delta, MetLife, Revlon and more.

    After spending a year-and-a-half at McClain Finlon before the shop closed, Corien bumped around as a freelancer eventually landing at interactive agency Leopard in Boulder.

    She has a solid interactive portfolio. Go peep it, and be sure to check out the vid of her racing her Ducati 996 on her site. Shit yeah, girl.

  • Year-End Work from Supinfocom

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    French animation school Supinfocom has been releasing its year-end work from students. Woah.

    Café Serré from Denis Bouyer on Vimeo.

    Eole from Eole on Vimeo.

  • Rooting for Nike B-Ball Spots

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    Even though we despise Kobe after last night’s last-minute Lakers’s win, these Nike Basketball spots featuring Kobe and Lebron have been making the commercial breaks during NBA playoffs way more tolerable. Nice puppetry.

    Via American Copywriter

  • Karsh\Hagan Shares Its Secrets To Selling

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    We thought this was interesting, especially the fact that Karsh\Hagan decided to share it with the world via their Tumblr site. That’s the thing about the best agencies, though. Most of them are forthcoming with how their processes work. But when you get down to it, they’re impossible to duplicate because of the unique minds involved. Thanks for sharing, Karsh.

  • Cheapotle.com... It's WAR.

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    You know, we’re usually pretty laid back here at The Denver Egotist. Well, sometimes. Maybe. But when it comes to the complete crap Chipotle is throwing out there right now, we just can’t take things lightly.

    They dumped a good strategy, great tone of voice and simple menu for a new, wimpy, pandering, spineless, putrid abortion of a campaign that puts Chipotle in the same category as Taco Bell and McBland.

    The time has come to rally the troops and do something that really draws national attention to this crap.

    Cheapotle.com launches today, with the sole aim of getting Chris Arnold, Chipotle’s “Director Of Hype, Hoopla and Ballyhoo, and crew to rethink their horrendous mistake and make things right.

    The site will be around as long as the putrid work from Butler, Shine and Stern is stinking up the streets, newspapers and magazines of America.

    Get your lazy asses over to cheapotle.com, leave a comment, submit a picture to the gallery and do something useful today.

    Chipotle may have started this, but we’re sure as hell going to end it.

  • Porn Actresses Hammer A Torpedo

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    The word over on AdAge is that Quiznos claims it had nothing to do with this commercial, its production or placement. Playboy produced it and ran it all on their own. Sure. We’re calling bullshit, especially after watching that creepy sex-addled talking oven spot they’ve been running. “Put it in me, Scott.” E-yew.

  • Ryan Lee Is Free

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    Ryan Lee is a talented conceptual designer who is busting loose of his current FT employment at Honest Bros and striking out as a freelancer. Check out his wares. He’s worthy.

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