• Heineken Fridge Spot Gets Owned (Or Is That Pwned?)

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    Whatever the correct internet term is, and we’re trying to act like we care, this spot for Bavaria beer kicks the Heineken guys right in the ass. To be honest, it makes them look like the cocktail-drinking cast of Queer Eye. Love a good parody, and this one is done well.

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  • Final Edition: From the Mouths of the Rocky Mountain News Staff

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    Not much you can say about this, other than it being very sad.

    Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

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  • Crispin Porter Revamps Old Navy With "Supermodelquins." But Will They Work?

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    In an attempt to reverse the fortunes of the flagging Old Navy brand, CP&B has gone back to the fashion chain’s days of fun, camp and kitschy. And the result is a bizarre campaign focusing on upgraded mannequins, known as Supermodelquins, sporting the Old Navy garments.

    Channeling supermarket checkout rags like People and US Weekly, the campaign is very much tongue-in-cheek. There’s even a YouTube channel dedicated to the new fashion stars.

    As always, CP&B has done a great job with the production and the viral aspects of the campaign. But here’s the question; will relating Old Navy to tacky mags and kitsch videos help sell more clothes? It’s clearly targeted at the younger crowd, young moms specifically. And when Old Navy tried to go upscale last year, it bombed.

    But, this kind of unusual work from CP&B could either be a huge hole in one, or the final nail in Old Navy’s coffin. Still, it’s brave of both CP&B and Old Navy, and taking risks in this economy has to be applauded. And with Old Navy’s annual ad spend being close to $200 million, they’re putting a lot of cash behind it. We’ll keep on eye on this one.

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  • Rocky Mountain News R.I.P.

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  • Bogusky Twitters

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  • Is Denver a Fast City?

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    We think so. And we think you should help us let the world know in Fast Company’s Fast Cities 2009 nomination campaign. Chicago and London topped the 2008 Cities of the Year list. This year they’re asking for your help in choosing the most exuberant, diverse and growing city to top the list of Fast Cities for 2009. The deadline for all entries is 11:59 p.m. ET, March 5, 2009. Go, it’s good for us all.

  • Thoughts on the New Pepsi Work

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    From our friend Santiago.

  • The New Denver Ad Club's Back with a Vengeance

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    The New Denver Ad Club will be continuing its heavyweight series of speakers that was launched by Alex Bogusky and Jason Fried last year. This year, there will be even more of them, beginning April 23rd.

    April’s speaker will be Steffan Postaer, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Euro RSCG Chicago, perhaps best known for his provocative work on behalf of Altoids, The Curiously Strong Mints. Steffan has traveled the world giving often-provocative talks related to his profession. His topic for the NDAC’s series will be: “Inspiring Belief: Creating Cult-like Belief Systems for Brands.”

    Other speakers in 2009 include:
    >> Lars Bastholm (Co-Chief Creative Officer AKQA NY)
    >> Keith Reinhard and Allen Rosenshine (Chairman DDB and Chariman Emeritus BBDO)
    >> Benjamin Palmer (Co-founder CEO The Barbarian Group)
    >> Rick Boyko (Managing Director VCU BrandCenter)
    >> Ernest Lupinacci (Anomaly co-founder)
    >> Steve Hayden (Vice Chairman Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide)
    >> Gareth Kay (Head of Planning Modernista!)

    Stay tuned for details. Hell yeah.

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