• Must See: Died Young, Stayed Pretty

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    Anybody out there caught this documentary yet?

  • Now Hiring: Art Director

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    Motive, Denver is searching for an Art Director. Job details here.

  • Kudos to The CU Creative Ad Program

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    The ad program at CU Boulder, lead by David Slayden, Mindy Cheval, Brett Robbs, Jonathan Schoenberg and ex-adjunct Ashley Billings, is quietly beginning to challenge the major portfolio programs in this country to become an important player on the ad education scene.

    For the second year in a row, CU Boulder won a gold pencil at the One Show, as well as snagging a merit award in the competition. Additionally, for the first time, work from CU will be published in CMYK (issue #44 due to hit stores this month). Five separate entries were chosen for publication, more than any other school or institution, including all the portfolio schools.

    If you’re given the chance to give one of these talented young grads a chance, please do. We want to keep this new generation of juggernauts here in Colorado at all costs.

    Client: Long’s Horseradish
    Creatives: Jason Curry, Tim Ratchford and Jason Hull
    Instructor: Jonathan Schoenberg
    Winner: One Show Gold Pencil, Interactive Branding

    Client: 24 Hour Fitness
    AD/CW: Lane Karczewski
    CW: Ryan Contillo
    Instructor: Ashley Billings
    Published: CMYK, Issue #44

    Client: Smarties (candy)
    AD: Gerardo Ortiz
    CW: Earl Lee
    Instructor: Ashley Billings
    Published: CMYK, Issue #44

    Client: Nerds (candy)
    ADs: Jenna Conlin, Amanda Wininger
    CW: Madeline Stevens
    Instructor: Jonathan Schoenberg
    Published: CMYK, Issue #44

    Client: Suzuki (dirt bikes)
    AD/CW: Zachary Shapiro
    Instructor: Johnathan Schoenberg

    Client: Naked Juice
    AD: Timothy Ratchford
    CW: Pat Rampi
    Instructor: Jonathan Schoenberg

  • Helping Denver Suck Less: John Bellina, Copywriter/Creative Director

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    John Bellina came to Denver by way of a career that includes CD positions at TBWA\TEQUILA in New York, Hal Riney in San Francisco, and Publicis West in Salt Lake City. His client shortlist includes: Absolut, Nextel, Pfizer and lots of names we all know. So does his 30+ awards list.

    He was lured here by a challenge to breathe life into one of Denver’s oldest shops – Barnhart. In just over a year, he directed them into their first Denver 50, plus new business wins that included: The Denver Public Library, Colorado Casualty, Educause, and amillionmilesfromanywhere.com – a teen suicide prevention site for the Wyoming Department of Health.

    As a creative director, John doesn’t just stamp his name on the awards submissions. At each of his past agencies, he’s been heavily involved in the work – from concept to copywriting to final product. He also comes ego-free, asking us to make sure credit is shared on some of the work we’ve featured with writer Bob Rickert and AD Joel Hill on Jeppesen, and with AD Darren Brickel on Wyoming.

    John has recently parted ways with Barnhart and is today a copywriter/creative director gun for hire. For more on the story go to johnbellina.com or find him on our list of Recommended Talent.

  • Every 12 Hours 2000 People Die

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    At a set time, twice a day, the hands of these 321 clock mechanisms come together and align to form a sentence, delivering the following message: “Every 12 hours in Africa, over 2000 people die from AIDS because they have no access to care.” The bottom of the installation carries the call to action, explaining where people can get more information about the foundation and donate online: “Every minute counts. www.solidarite-sida.org.”

    Via Ad Goodness

  • Beardyman Beatbox

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    Roundtree’s Randoms candy is on a mission to make the world a more random place. As such, they’ve set loose the man in this video, aka Beardyman, inside a shopping mall to drop randomness on randoms. Iz good.

    Via Quiet Glover

  • Now Hiring: Interactive Traffic Manager

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    FL2, Denver is now hiring an Interactive Traffic Manager. Job details here.

  • Denver Does Denver

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    Illiterate Magazine had a great idea: invite local musicians to cover the songs of other local musicians in what they call “a one night only auditory orgy.”

    The orgy explodes this Saturday night, June 6th at Denver Does Denver – featuring 20+ artists engaging in musical intercourse, interpreting the songs of bands past and present, between two neighboring venues and three stages.

    Where: Old Curtis St. Bar and Bar Bar (21st and Curtis)
    When: 7PM-2AM
    Us/You: There

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