• Slime Balls

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    Feeling like this today? Us too. And it’s got us eating Kit Kat after seeing this spot. Advertising Agency: JWT, Sydney.

  • BooneOakley.com Prevails

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    In the race for agencies to outsmart each other with the development of their own websites, Charlotte, NC’s BooneOakley wins. They’ve created what they deem to be “the first YouTube-based agency website,” consisting of linked videos and centered on the story of Billy—the disastrously failed marketing director.

    “We needed a new way to tell our story, and today the best forum for a story is YouTube, where we can use narration and really crappy animation. As an embeddable video, the new BooneOakley website presents our work in a unique, and also more easily accessible, way. And it can live anywhere that supports YouTube videos, including blogs, other websites, and many cell phones,” said BooneOakley co-creative director David Oakley.

    Kills it. Visit YouTube for the full experience.

    CDs: David Oakley, John Boone
    AD: Ryan Holland
    CW/Illust/VO: Jim Robbins
    Producer: Craig Jelniker
    Interactive Dir.: Bill Allen
    Media Dir.: Demian Brink
    Strategic Dir.: Phil Smith

  • Is There Room for Another Creative Awards Competition?

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    AIGA Colorado thinks so. They’ve worked over the last 2 years to develop a competition to annually reward sustainable design—a concept that’s now successfully been “sold in” at the national level of AIGA. The AIGA (Re)designAwards is open to all designers, illustrators, creative professionals, students and teachers of design in the U.S., even those who aren’t members of AIGA.

    A sustainable world is one where designers, organizations and companies work together with an ethical and ecological mindset to achieve the well-being of people and ecosystems. AIGA (Re)designAwards is a design competition honoring sustainable and socially responsible work done by professionals across the nation.

    Do you feel this show has a place in the world of creative competitions? Will it carve out its own niche and grow in importance as the movement does? Or just be another competition, blending into a long list of others?

  • Afterparty

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  • Fantastic Spec Work for the 2012 Olympics

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    This is work from Alan Clarke, a student at the University College Falmouth. Can you believe it? Let’s get this guy on the revamp of the London Olympic logo.

    Via Noisy Decent Graphics

  • Drunken Meat Heads Do Not Appreciate The King's Behavior

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    If you’ve ever woken a meat head from slumber (especially one who didn’t have his late-night meat meal before crawling into the sack), you’ll know it’s much like awakening a grizzly. This is the wrath the King and his cronies must endure in the latest BK spots promoting the fast food joint’s late-night hours. Beware. Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder.

    Via AdFreak

  • Patio Seasons Begins Today

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    A gang of local warm weather/booze hounds are celebrating both this afternoon at the 2nd Annual Strings Patio Season Commencement Celebration. Get over there.

    When: Friday, May 29 from 4 to 7pm
    Where: Strings Restaurant, 1700 Humboldt
    What: Live Music, Complimentary Prosecco Toast, Drink & Food Specials

  • Blue Moon Hits the Boob Tube for the First Time

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    Steve Hall over at Adrants likes this beer spot because it ain’t your typical beer spot. No bikinis. No women in bikinis. No guys doing stupid stuff, like wearing bikinis. No horses or lizards or dalmatians. Just a relaxing, soothing, easy-to-grasp piece about the crafting of Blue Moon. We like it too. Advertising Agency: The Integer Group, Denver.

    Find more videos like this on AdGabber

    Client: Blue Moon
    Agency: Integer Group, Denver
    Production Company: Moo Studios
    Director: Andrew Haung, Shaun Sewter
    CD: Dan Kiefer
    ACD: Brett Matarazzo
    CW: Brian Wilkens
    Executive Producer: Robert Stocking
    Agency Producer: Brooke Warren

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