• Denver's Monstrosity

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    Brandon Roth has been busy making creatures out of trash for the last several years, then depositing them around Denver. He explains it as follows, “Basically, I take trash, make it art then throw it away again just like trash—thus completing the cycle of life and all its delicate intricacies. Also, it is encouraging a non-invasive form of street art.”

    Follow the tales of Monstrosity through Brandon’s blog.

  • Factory Design Labs Propelling Audi

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    Along with a bunch of impressive new work for The North Face, Denver’s Factory Design Labs has been hard at work as the interactive and print agency of record for Audi.

    As a continuation of this year’s Super Bowl spot, “The Chase,” Factory Design Labs supported the TV with a comprehensive interactive campaign, allowing users to extend the chase online and celebrating Audi and the spot’s featured vehicle, the Supercharged Audi A6.

    Documenting the competition from decade to decade, the A6 microsite educates viewers on Audi’s progression throughout the eras while the competition basked in the limelight. The site also features a detailed section about the Audi A6, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Chase TV spot.

  • Are Shock Tactics Justifiable?

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    There’s been an ongoing debate in the English ad circles about BBH’s spot for Barnardo’s, showing a girl caught in a vicious cycle of abuse.

    Naysayers of this kind of advertising came out en masse, registering massive complaints when the ad launched.

    The harrowing commercial drew 477 protests to the Advertising Standards Authority after its release, but the watchdog ruled that the shock tactics in the ad were justified.

    However, the ad was also powerful enough to make people want to donate more to charity, which means the creative work did the job.

    The children’s charity says the campaign led to a 33 per cent increase in awareness and that almost 50 per cent more people wanted to donate to the charity after watching the ad.

    Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it. And when it comes to shaking up viewers to get them to make a donation, taking them well out of their comfort zone is smart. Decide for yourself though, the spot is below (for now, it could get pulled again).

    Via BrandRepublic

  • The 10 Major Newspapers That Will Either Fold or Go Digital Next

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    Considering how close to home this phenomenon has hit with the closing of the Rocky Mountain News just weeks ago, this list is interesting to ponder—as newspapers scramble for an answer.

  • NASA's Magnetic Movie

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    Scientists at NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley playing with invisible magnetic fields. More info on Magnetic Movie here.

    Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

    Via LikeCOOL

  • ZeFrank on Brain Crack

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    Good thoughts from ZeFrank on getting over yourself, because your ideas probably aren’t that great anyway. This is old but deal with it.

    (via Irrg! Orrrrrg!)

  • Great Divide Brewing Co. Packaging Via Cultivator Advertising & Design

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    Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver. Small, craft brewer. Winner of 13 Great American Beer Festival Medals, among others. Under 10K barrels annual production.

    Convey superior quality, hand-crafted beers.

    Mixed letter sizes suggest too casual an approach to brewing. Individual beer icons, including mountain biker, rock climber, skier, are Colorado clichés.

    Redesign Strategy:
    Overall block letter identity implies unapologetic, strong-flavored brewing style. Within overall line, individual beers are characterized by whimsical, cutout silhouettes.

    Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout is defined by—what else?—a yeti, with a big coffee mug. Claymore Scotch Ale is defined by a highlands warrior carrying a claymore, a traditional, two-handed broadsword.

    New Beers:
    Espresso Oak Aged Yeti combines coffee, vanilla oak, and roasted malt flavors with a bold hop profile. It is a small-batch release, not sold in six-packs. Claymore Scotch Ale is “wee heavy” style beer, malty, with a caramel undertone. It is a winter, seasonal offering.

    Existing Beer (redesign):
    Denver Pale Ale (DPA) layers a smooth. malty middle over a crisp, mildly bitter hop finish. It is a classic English Pale Ale and Great Divide’s flagship beer. Silhouette is the indigenous big-horn sheep.


    Jeremy Pruitt

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