• Because of AIGA...

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    Got a good way to finish that sentence? Do so at Because of AIGA. Five Coloradans have answered so far.

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  • Metric Burn the House Down

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    If you weren’t at the Rancid show last night, were you at the packed Ogden to see Metric and Sebastien Grainger? We hear it was ‘the kind of show dreams are made of’… granted, our sources tend to self-medicate a little too often.

    If you were there, what’d you think? Is Emily Haines hot in person?

    Check out the video for “Sick Muse” off the headliners’ latest record, Fantasies.

  • Ain't Nothin Rancid Here

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    Tim Armstrong is going to be one of those dudes people look back on when he’s gone and say, “Damn, that motherfucker will be missed.” Anybody hit the show at Red Rocks last night?

    Grab Rancid’s new disc, Let The Dominoes Fall, if you haven’t already. In true punk fashion, you can listen to the whole thing on YouTube here if you need a preview. Trust us, you don’t.

  • Banksy v Bristol Museum

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    A burned-out ice-cream van is among 100 works Banksy has installed at Bristol’s museum, replacing many of the museum’s regular artifacts.

    The reason the museum was closed was kept secret from top council officials.

    Banksy said: “This is the first show I’ve ever done where taxpayers’ money is being used to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off.”

    Staged in the council-owned City Museum and Art Gallery, Banksy v Bristol Museum features animatronics, installations and a sensory display.

    The exhibition and its location have been a closely-guarded secret since October, with just a couple of museum officials in the loop.

    It opens tomorrow. Who’s buying us a plane ticket?

  • Post-It Stop-Motion

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    This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline. I manipulating the post-it notes to do pixel-like stop motion and there are some interactions between real actor and post-its.

    Well, there you have it. A bit of advice: stick to the art and not the word side of things, and you’ll be all good.

    Thanks, Scott

  • More Denver Haps 06.13.09: Flobots.org / Fight With Tools Open House

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    Denver alt rock/rap band the Flobots have a non-profit sector they head – stationed online at Flobots.org. Tonight, they’re having an open house for their “community collective.” There will be an outdoor stage with performances by Westword Music Showcase nominee Rob Drabkin and Serafin Sanchez. The work promoting the event was developed by Denver’s Spin Creative Studio.

    Where: 2705 Larimer Street, Denver (Two doors down from the Meadowlark Lounge)
    When: Friday, June 12 – 6-9 pm

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