• You Scamp!

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    It may sound wanky, but when you look at hundreds of blogs day in and day out a few of them start to become places you really like hanging out online. Scamp was one those places for us. It was run by Simon Veksner, a copywriter at BBH London, and it was filled with pertinent, usable advice—not the ad/design porn most sites are pushing today (yeah, we know, even us). Two days ago, after 3 years, Simon called it quits on Scamp. He’s left a big hole where he once made us smarter.

  • The Winners of The Cannes Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest

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    Students were given 48 hours to create, produce and post a YouTube video. Here are the two winners who will be teamed up in Cannes to form Team YouTube to compete against 37 other teams from around the world in the Young Lions Film Competition. Congrats.

    P.S. Bump over to YouTube to watch the second one. The concept will be way clearer. (Thanks, Justin.)

    Winner: By Adeline Chew (27 years old), Malaysia

    Winner: Guy Dayan (27 years old), Israel

  • Tough Nuggies

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    Seems like ever since the Lakers came to town, Denver’s favorite thugs can’t catch a break…even on Jimmy Kimmell.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Denver’s Incestuous Ad Market Breeds a New Agency

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    Longtime Denver creatives Tom Van Ness and Jody Monson have joined forces to create Commotion Industries – a new ad slash design slash interactive slash social media slash other stuff agency. Both had enjoyed success on their own – Van Ness writing freelance with clients like Volkswagen, Copper Mountain and Audi, and Monson with his design shop Jomotion – boasting clients like Loveland Ski Area, Bam Margera and Gwar. (Shit yeah!)

    Also joining the team is strategist Tyler Browning, fresh from Hirschfield Press and a handful of small-town agencies. Why ‘Commotion Industries?’ Well, they say ‘they’re scientists of commotion’ – able to calm the crazy ass world of social media, guerrilla marketing, etc. and make it tasty for clients. Their roster includes Loveland Ski Area, Firebird Longboards and Prestige Porsche Audi (a recent win.) Best of luck, lads. It’s a jungle out there.

  • Self-Discipline is the Most Important Factor for Success

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    Tough to argue with this. Mmm, marshmallows.

  • 3yr Old learns to Play the Piano Visually

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    This three-year old has learned how to play the piano using a new color-based visual technique developed by his mother.

    Ah, the power of innovation and design. Brilliant.

  • The Importance of Micro-copy

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    When writing for websites, small bits of information can make a huge difference. This short article serves as a good reminder to keep our wits about us and make sure we’re speaking to our audience as effectively as possible.

  • Chris Farley Baby

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    That is AWESOME!

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