• Is Wiping Your Ass a Pain in Your Ass?

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    Thanks, Brian

  • You've Seen His Teasers. Now Meet the Man.

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    Chase Jarvis is an award-winning commercial and lifestyle photographer specializing in advertising, catalog, corporate, and editorial photography for more than 300 clients and agencies worldwide. Both a Nikon and Hasselbald Master, Chase is known for the diverse and compelling freshness he instills in images he creates and the photography community at large.

    He will be speaking this Friday, June 12 at the Denver NewsPaper Agency Auditorium (101 W. Colfax). ADCD will throw a social hour with beer and food starting at 6. Chase then speaks at 7. It’s free admission for ADCD, ASMP and Art Institute of Colorado staff and students. Non-members pay $20. Students, $15. RSVP now.

  • Advertising Effectively Kills Auto-Tune, Thank Christ

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    We have Wendy’s of all brands to thank for finally killing off one of hip hop’s most horrific trends – Auto-Tune voice manipulation. At least, so says Jay Z who spoke to a Chicago radio station recently, telling them his latest song, “Death of Auto-Tune,” was a reaction to a Wendy’s spot that parodied the ubiquitous pitch-correction technology. “I just think in hip-hop, when a trend becomes a gimmick, it’s time to move on,” Jay said. Thank the sweet lord above.

    Via Ad Age

  • Now Hiring: Web, Design and Advertising Internship

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    Commotion Industries is now hiring Web, Design and Advertising Intern. Job details here.

  • Now Hiring: Account Executive/Salesperson

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    8 Houses Down Studios is searching for an Audio Post-Production Account Executive/Salesperson. Job details here.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: ToolStudios

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    Despite this losing economy, boutique agency ToolStudios is winning. At year’s end in 2008, the shop reached a 40% increase in revenue compared to ’07. Pair that with a six-year history of steady 20% annual increases, and you’ve got a pretty impressive thing cooking.

    ToolStudios, a full-service advertising and design agency located seven miles north of Boulder in Niwot, has achieved this glowing report card “merely by word-of-mouth and client referral.” Tool specializes in brand interactive building, identity development and print design. Check out their site to see what they’re all about.

  • One More Bum on The Denver Streets

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    Except this one actually will work for food. His name is Steve Perfors and he’s been standing on the corner of Speer and Auraria in his Sunday’s best with his trusty sign all week, looking for a job. Perfors is 26 years old and currently attends the University of Colorado at night.

    In the past three weeks, he says he’s put in more than 400 applications for jobs ranging from corporate careers to janitor’s positions. (At least that’s what he’s telling the media and his old man who always said, “When you’re unemployed, your job is finding a job.”)

    Ever considered art direction, dude? That’s one fine-ass sign.

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