• Denny's and Atari remix the classics.

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    Denny’s Diner and Atari have just announced they're going to “Remix the Classics” with menu remixes and reimagined games for web and mobile. Agency: Erwin Penland.

  • The most progressive thing there is.

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    What do you know? A Progressive Insurance spot that not only doesn't annoy us, but that we actually really like. Smart, great sentiment, well produced. More please.

  • America - FUCK YEAH!

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  • More from Facebook on ways to use Facebook.

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    While we question the wisdom of making spots telling people things they already know about the world's biggest social media platform, these Facebook commercials are always exceedingly well done and fun to watch.

  • Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products Group (ATAP)

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    Crazy shit. And we just posted about "Duet" which makes a cameo in this video, too.

  • The Putter

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    Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, is the last remaining hand manufacturer of scissors . The film documents ' Putter ' Cliff Denton literally a putter togetherer of scissors.

    The Putter from shaun bloodworth on Vimeo.

  • Sorcher Films new spot for storytelling app SpeakingPhoto

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    SpeakingPhoto is a new social sharing app broadly available on Android and iOS focused on setting itself apart from youth-based social sharing apps by offering a way for consumers and businesses to document, keep and share important stories with their communities and customers.

    Sorcher Films was tasked with the challenge of conveying stories with a very real emotional payoff. Director Peter Sorcher worked directly with Speaking Photo to create this interwoven, multi-character narrative to drive home an emotional connection to SpeakingPhoto.

    “People see spots for apps with people engaged with screens and just tune out, so I wanted to create something that really makes the viewer take an active role to figure out who these characters are and what they are doing with SpeakingPhoto,” states Sorcher.

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