• Ex-Denverite Jesse Alkire Tweaks NFL Uniform Designs for Smart Results

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    Anyone can completely overhaul the NFL's uniforms with new graphics. But is it really necessary? Jesse Alkire, who works in Chicago but who grew up here in Lakewood and is searching for an opportunity to move back to CO, didn't think so. Instead, he felt that small tweaks could make a huge difference. Check out the changes he made to all 32 teams over on his site.

  • Denver Ranked as the 77th Selfiest City in the World by TIME

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    To investigate the geography of selfie-taking, TIME built a database of more than 400,000 Instagram photos tagged “selfie” that included geographic coordinates. In total, the publication ranked 459 cities to determine the selfiest places on earth. Denver ranked 77th on the list — with 35 selfie-takers per 100,000 people. See how vane the rest of the world is here.

  • PowerShares Tennis Series Posters – Via Denver's Fear Not

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    The PowerShares Series is a competitive tennis tournament featuring legends like Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Jimmy Connors and more. Basically, if you’re a big name in tennis, you’re on the circuit. Fear Not wanted to highlight these legendary players with a set of collector posters, each highlighting a different legend. They collaborated with Chuck Anderson, aka NoPattern, to create a series of posters as dynamic and memorable as the very players they feature.

    CCO: Blake Ebel
    CD/Art Director: Matt Dimmer
    Account Director: Kara Watada
    Account Manager: Amy Oliver
    Illustrator: Chuck Anderson

  • New Interview: 5 Good Minutes with Dave Nadeau – Rhymes with Pixel Digital Imaging Artistry >>

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    Rhymes with Pixel is digital imaging artistry by David Nadeau. We spent some time with David recently talking about his background, the difference between digital artwork and retouching, and all the ways the business is evolving. Spend 5 Good Minutes with Dave Nadeau.

  • Watch Chipotle's Original Series 'Farmed and Dangerous'

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    Poking around today, we found the first four episodes of Colorado-based Chipotle's original comedy series, 'Farmed and Dangerous' — "that explores the outrageously twisted world of industrial agriculture in America" on Hulu. It's pretty darn good. Have a watch. Each episode runs about 20 minutes.

  • Denver's Friends of Mine Teaches Us Transit 101 Around the Puget Sound

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    To help get the word out about how liberating it can be to get around the Puget Sound using Sound Transit, Friends of Mine worked with Seattle agency Green Rubino, rock-star illustrator Adam Turnbull and Coupe Studios on sound and music to create these fun, quirky and informative spots. Ride differently, won't you?

    Agency: Green Rubino
    Project Manager: Wesley Byham
    Creative Director: Joe Quatrone
    Associate Creative Director: Dennis Budell
    Production Company: Friends of Mine
    Producer: Cara Sturgis
    Creative Director: Mike Slane
    Art Director: Burke Miles
    Animation: Burke Miles, Chad Seidel
    Audio and Sound Effects: Coupe Studios

  • Illegal Pete's Slams Burrito Joints that Don't Stir in New Spot from Denver's Nix Bros. and Image Brew

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    Fast casual Mexican restaurant Illegal Pete's, creeping up on 7 locations around Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, has released the brand's first commercial. Opting for a comedic approach, the spot stars Denver comedy group, The Grawlix, as characters in a story that sees Ben Roy get hot and bothered over a fictitious burrito peddler's refusal to mix up the ingredients in his lunch. That menu looks an awful lot like Chipotle's, fellas. Good quality ribbing.

  • New Denver Dance Pop from Mint, "It's a Lie"

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    This new single is the follow up to Mint's first release, "Make Me Wonder," which kick started the new Denver musician's fan base faster than ever imagined. Tasty track for a Tuesday morn.

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