• #ShitToHit: Saturday, March 15th – Max Kauffman Solo Exhibit "Aether Ceremony" @ Blackbook

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    In preparation for Max's show this weekend, he's been living in Denver for a few months and working in the back of Blackbook Gallery. Very akin to a residency, it's given Max lots more time to fully focus on painting and exploring — and some interesting new sculpture ideas have come out of it as well as a body of work he's thrilled to share.

    More about the show:
    Aether is an old term, extinct in our time. Its origin comes from the Greeks — to them it was pure air — the essence that gods breathed and existed in. Later, it was considered the fifth element, a way to explain the unexplainable before true science came into play. Einstein even mentioned the term as a precursor to his theories, as a way of explaining the properties of the empty space between objects. Kauffman interprets this in his work as a connector between all things and eras. Our similarities always outweigh minute differences in our day to day lives. Working between loose painterly passages paired with tight purposeful lines Kauffman evokes the segue between waking and dreaming by connecting the two. The work is at once conscious and unconscious: the hustle of urban life and deep woods hermiting, the realms of real and magic, bleeding in and out of each other, both at the same time but also as neither.

    This new body of work explores Max Kauffman’s continuing themes of making the most of what you have. Living everyday through magic, sacred and powerful experiences… home vs house, the personal sanctuary in our minds and awe of the natural world. Where we hide our best moments and our darkest secrets — the temples of our mind. Or the thought of finding internal peace from your surroundings, a place to hide from the chaos of our day to day lives. Working with a loose narrative approach, there is no forced story, rather a subdued and familiar framework to let others fill in their own struggles and victories.

    Building this show in the back of Black Book Gallery played into these themes. This exhibit marks Max’s return to his old home of Denver — a sanctuary of peace and familiarity away from Oakland, CA — his new hometown. The freedom and space to work allowed Max to stretch his ideas out and work efficiently. With this came more room for exploration which developed into a new series of sculptural pieces that are a nod to Kauffman’s love of anthropology and indigenous cultures, as well as a few experimental canvas pieces that materialized over time.

    Opening Reception:
    Saturday, March 15th, 6-10pm
    Black Book Gallery | 555 Santa Fe Dr. | Denver, CO 80204
    Artist in attendance | Free and open to the public

  • Whole Foods Market Interiors – Via Boulder's Vermilion

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    Vermilion has been working with Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Region on extensive remodeling of the decor and signage at a number of stores. The Highlands Ranch remodel debuted in November with a theme based on the original homesteader ranch and their iconic panorama views of the Front Range. The Colorado Boulevard store in Denver followed in January with a fresh urban palette and playful graphics. The Baseline store in Boulder just opened in February with a theme based on its 40th parallel location and proximity to national science labs. Next up: Wichita. Themes of aviation and Great Plains agriculture might be in the cards.

  • Today's TODAY Show Covers Amelie's Work Cracking Down on Colorado's Stoned Drivers

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    Nice PR hit. Check out the three spots in full here.

    Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  • "Al Is Like the Boogeyman" – New Music Video for Composer Arai Tasuku from CO's Javier Ventura

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    Javier Ventura, who’s work recently was a Latin Grammy Nominee for Best Music Video, just finished a new music video for the Japanese composer, Arai Tasuku. Tasuku is about to release a new album call “Sin of Children” and Ventura was one of the artists who collaborated on the visuals for the upcoming album.

    Javier Ventura had been doing music videos for national bands in Mexico before he moved to Colorado about two years ago, he now works for Studio C3 — a creative production company based in Colorado.

  • Captain Obvious Obviously Not a Ladies' Man in New Hotels.com Spot – Via CP+B

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    “Obvious Eye Contact” is the second installment in the new Hotels.com “The Obvious Choice” campaign from CP+B, which first introduced the character Captain Obvious when it launched at the end of February. This spot features Captain Obvious discussing the convenience of the Hotels.com mobile app after making flirtatious eye contact with a beautiful woman across a crowded bar. Unfortunately, the Captain's ship sails.

  • 27 New Jobs This Week, 104 Total

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    27 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted this week, with 104 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

    — — —

    [Full-Time] Junior Designer - 3DCD, LLC., Denver

    [Freelance] Digital + Design Specialist - Frankly Communications, Denver

    [Full-Time] Lead Digital Production Artist - The Integer Group, Denver

    [Full-Time] Copywriter - The Integer Group, Denver

    [Full-Time] Bilingual Copywriter - The Integer Group, Denver

    [Full-Time] Graphic Artist - Outdoor Channel, Denver

    [Freelance] Front-End Web Developer - Conscious Alliance, Boulder

    [Internship] Intern Assistant Creative - BARE, Denver

    [Full-Time] Senior Creative Director - Bonfire Labs, San Francisco, LA, NY

    [Full-Time] Full Time Creative Director of Design - 2CMedia, Miami

    [Full-Time] Media Planner Buyer - Explore Communications, Denver

    [Freelance] Freelance Content/Copywriter - Digital Operative, Denver

    [Internship] Design / Marketing Intern - Photobucket, Denver

    [Full-Time] Junior Digital Designer - Elevated Third, Denver

    [Full-Time] Web Designer - Webolutions, Greenwood Village

    [Full-Time] Product Marketing Manager - Mortgage - W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC, Centennial

    [Full-Time] Frontend Developer - Placewise Media, Denver

    [Internship] Digital Marketing Intern - Placewise Media, Denver

    [Freelance] Producer / Editor (Audio) - eTown, Boulder

    [Internship] Graphic Design Internship - MARCA Strategic/Cannabrand, Denver

    [Freelance] Project Management Coordinator - DO MORE GOOD, Colorado Springs

    [Internship] Intern - The Entertaining Shoppe, Denver

    [Internship] Special Events Intern - The Limb Preservation Foundation, Denver

    [Full-Time] Senior UX Designer - Tack Mobile, Denver

    [Full-Time] Art Director - Faction Media, Denver

    [Full-Time] Digital Media Strategist - Blue Moon Works, INC., Denver

    [Full-Time] 3D Motion Graphics & Render Artist - MusclePharm Corporation, Denver

  • Are Denverites Some of the Worst People at SXSW?

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    Digiday's story on the 15 Worst People of SXSW posted Wednesday features a photo of Denver's Aaron Ray and Bree Thomas, among others. So, what are you saying exactly? There are much worse people to encounter in Austin. Have you ever met any of those dicks from New York?

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