• IMM and Futuristic Tell the Story of Chili's Giveback Effort

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    This piece, concepted by Boulder's IMM and shot by Denver-based Futuristic, was captured over two days here in town. It tells the story of Chili's brand ethos, humbly, through video and a companion microsite.

  • New Director Adam Patch Hits Denver

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    Commercial director and animator Adam Patch — who recently moved to Denver from San Francisco — has done some really nice work. He's got a new site and new showreels to demonstrate it. Go get an introduction.

  • 40 New Jobs This Week, 123 Total

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    40 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted this week, with 123 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

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    [Freelance] Team Manager - Propaganda Labs, Denver

    [Full-Time] Community / Marketing Manager - myhub, Galvanize, Denver

    [Full-Time] Calling All Creatives - Motive, Denver

    [Internship] Public Relations / Admin Intern - O.penVAPE, Denver

    [Freelance] Content/Copywriter - Digital Operative, Denver

    [Internship] Copywriting Internship - Cactus, Denver

    [Internship] Art Director Internship - Cactus, Denver

    [Internship] Account Planning Internship - Cactus, Denver

    [Internship] Account Management Internship - Cactus, Denver

    [Freelance] Freelance Photographer - BrightNest, Denver

    [Freelance] Part-Time Video Editor - BARE, Denver

    [Full-Time] Director - Agency Development - BlueModus, Denver

    [Full-Time] Studio/ Creative Production Manager - GRENADIER, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Copywriter/Ops Manager - WORKHORSE 45, Littleton

    [Full-Time] Product Marketing Manager for Herbal Supplement Line - LifeSpa, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Project Coordinator - Amelie Company, Denver

    [Freelance] Freelance Designer - ZEAL Optics, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Social Media Specialist - Crocs, Niwot

    [Freelance] Interactive Marketing Designer - Gaiam TV, Louisville

    [Freelance] User Interface Designer - Gaiam TV, Louisville

    [Freelance] Watercolorist - Fellow Magazine, Denver

    [Freelance] Junior Freelance UX designer - VanEaton Creative, Denver

    [Full-Time] Motion Graphics Designer - Outdoor Channel, Denver

    [Internship] Intern - Create Goodness, Boulder

    [Freelance] Senior Producer - Freed Motion, Denver

    [Full-Time] Paid Search Specialist - Elevated Third, Denver

    [Full-Time] UX Designer - Elevated Third, Denver

    [Full-Time] Designer - Design & Image Communications, Denver

    [Freelance] Video Magician - Modular Robotics, Boulder

    [Freelance] Freelance Account Executive - Tandem, Boulder

    [Freelance] Freelance Art Director (mid-level) - Tandem, Boulder

    [Internship] Digital Marketing Intern - Carbon8, Denver

    [Full-Time] iOS Developer - PlaceWise Media, Denver

    [Freelance] Freelance Production Designer/Graphic Designer - Carbon8, Denver

    [Freelance] Part Time Admin and Project Coordinator - Big Buzz, Denver

    [Freelance] Content Coordinator - Big Buzz, Denver

    [Full-Time] UX / UI Designer - Mapleton Hill Media, Boulder

    [Internship] PR/Marketing Intern - Frankly Communications, Denver

    [Internship] Junior .NET Developer Intern - Carbon8, Denver

    [Internship] Production Designer/Graphic Designer Intern - Carbon8, Denver

  • EVB Launches Meow Mix Catstarter -- A Kickstarter for Cats

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    Thanks to EVB and Meow Mix, there is now a Kickstarter for cats. Here’s how it works: Meow Mix Catstarter puts forth three exceptionally clever cat innovations including a cat bed shaped like a computer keyboard that’s warmed by your keystrokes.

    Visitors to the site will get to back their favorite projects and then get their friends to back them too. If they have an idea for another Catstarter project, they can even submit it to the site for the next wave of projects. Later this spring, Meow Mix will fund production of the Catstarter project with the most backers.

    The best part? Visitors can enter for a chance to win a limited edition winning product for their cats at home.

    CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Patrick Maravilla (Copy), David Byrd (Art)
    ART DIRECTOR: Tom Zukoski
    COPYWRITER: Nate Gagnon
    DESIGNER: Markandeya Sendan
    ILLUSTRATOR: Natalia Martinez
    SOUND DESIGNER: J Michael Neal
    SENIOR PRODUCER: Kevin Turner
    STRATEGIST: Neeti Newaskar
    PRODUCER: Kevin Turner

  • BSSP teams with Ferrell and Redford to help the Colorado River.

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    Will Ferrell takes on Robert Redford in a mock public debate. That's a sentence that's never been written before in history. But it has now thanks to a campaign created by Butler Shine Stern & Partners on behalf of the Redford Center, one of the six organizations leading the Raise the River campaign aimed at reconnecting the Colorado River to the Gulf of California.

    In a series of short films, Redford urges the public to support “Raise the River.” On the other side, Ferrell shills for the public to get behind a rival, “Move the Ocean” campaign. The fictitious “Move the Ocean” effort would expand the Pacific “several hundred miles inland” to reach the Colorado River, accomplishing the same goal as Raise the River but doing it in a way that also helps what Ferrell says is an important group in need – surfers. To add emphasis to the cause, Ferrell is joined in his efforts by top ranked surfer Kelly Slater.

    “The approach each man takes couldn't be more different,” explained Greg Stern, CEO of BSSP. “We thought that would be a good way to go beyond the expected public service announcement and get people to notice and take action on this important issue. Both Redford and Ferrell seek to restore the Colorado River, but Ferrell’s Move the Ocean adds a layer of comedy and further engagement. This is a new approach in getting people to notice and care about an important cause.”







  • #ShitToHit: Tonight – Jeff Casimir Presents "Why Developers Quit, or How to Be Fucking Awesome"

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    How do you build a career? Everyone has heard the idea that you want to be the "worst member of the band." You'll learn from those around you, right? There's a lot more to becoming a great developer or designer than just typing nearby one. Let's talk about strategies to build great teams and lives.

    Jeff Casimir, Principal at Jumpstart Lab, has spent the last ten years teaching computer science in one form or another and started his company Jumpstart Lab in 2009. More recently he created the Hungry Academy program in DC, gSchool in Denver, and is starting the Turing School of Software & Design in the summer of 2014.

    Event Details:
    Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 7:00 PM
    Galvanize – 1062 Delaware Street, Denver
    Learn More & Register

  • Citizen Pictures Tells the Story of Broomfield-Based Networker Level 3 Communications

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    Level 3, which builds, protects and manages networks, wanted to grow its awareness in the marketplace. To do so, Denver's Citizen Pictures helped them create a brand video that gives more insight into what it is the company does and what it means for their customers in return. Mike Weed was the Creative Director/Art Director and Mandy Stevens was the Creative Director/Copywriter on the piece.

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