• Important Family Tree Uncovered

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  • Quick Left Has Been Busy

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    One of the best emerging local web engineering firms, Boulder's Quick Left, has been working on some interesting stuff lately. They just rebuilt Victors & Spoils' website. You can read about the technical prowess they used to pull it off here.

    They also worked with cypher13 to launch I Love Boulder – a citywide, community project celebrating the cultural, traditional and happily unconventional characteristics of Boulder life, work and play. Designed to promote pride and affinity among Boulder’s residents, local businesses and organizations, I Love Boulder facilitates community unification through grassroots initiatives and events that highlight the diverse lifestyles and characteristics of our very special city.

  • Now Hiring in Denver/Boulder

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    We'd love if these cats would run all these jobs with us. But we'd love it more if you'd go fill these positions and make their companies even more successful.

    The Integer Group Denver has 40 positions open, including spots for CWs, ADs and AEs.

    TDA_Boulder has 6 positions open, including spots for AEs, Strategists and Devs.

  • Black Cloud Workshop for Lucero

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    Chris Huth of Denver's Black Cloud Workshop was recently commissioned to design and print 4 posters for Lucreo's current US tour. He has 5 more artist proof sets. You get four 16″ x 26″ beautiful screenprints for $75. Email Chris if you're interested: bchuth@yahoo.com.

  • New Harley-Davidson Work from Victors & Spoils

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    Here's the first spot for Harley-Davidson, created by Victors & Spoils' crowd. The piece is for Harley's HD1 factory customization program – in which buyers can design their own rides. The spot will start running on cable tomorrow. Ad Age has the lowdown with Harley's Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer if you want to know more.

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  • Yerkish Sends off Their Drummer

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    Colorado-based band Yerkish will say farewell to longtime friend and drummer Ryan Eschenbach at a send-off show at The Gothic Theater on February 25th. This sweet video shows the band releasing Ryan back into the wild.

    Homeward Bonobo from Yerkish Rock on Vimeo.

    These t-shirts, designed by SP3KTR and Ryan Eschenbach, will be available at the rock show.

  • Just in Time for V-Day, Ukrainians Shatter World Kissing Record

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    Members of Anastasia International, "the industry’s leading international introduction and romance tour company bringing single men together with available women from Russia & CIS, Asia, Latin America and Africa for dating and marriage," have officially broken the world record for kisses in one minute. The new world record now stands at 118. Lucky dude.

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