• Make It Yours With Gilt

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  • What if Nike collaborated with airlines?

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    Art Director Marco Lemcke has created a fictitious pairing between Nike and various airlines. Honestly, we're kind of surprised something like this hasn't happened yet.

    You can see all his creations here .

  • Instant Happiness

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    He's gonna be a millionaire.


  • Email in Real Life

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  • Your Poop Really Wants to Tell You Something

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    Poop. Admittedly, it's nobody's favorite subject, but it can say a lot about the state of your health. With this campaign, Dutch Digestive Foundation wants to make people aware of colon cancer and how to detect it. With the help of poop Agency: Cheel, Amsterdam.

  • ADC to Launch Exclusive Documentary with Lee Clow

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    The ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design is releasing a new documentary series, called “InspirADCion." The series will premiere at the festival in Miami on April 8 with its first 20-minute film, featuring ad legend and ADC Hall of Famer Lee Clow. For the premiere documentary, ADC teamed up with TBWA Worldwide to give the industry world and beyond an inside look into Lee Clow’s personal life and his career, as well as the tiny details that inspired him to get where he is today.

    The series will continue after the festival premiere with similar features profiling legends like design icon Ivan Chermayeff and prestigious architect Clive Wilkinson. The documentaries will be screened in London, Los Angeles and New York, and will also accompany this year’s ADC Traveling Exhibit which is composed of all the winning work of this year’s ADC 93rd Annual Awards.

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