• New GEICO "Did You Know?" spots.

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    Ok, the Kenny Rogers one made us laugh. GEICO is the master of starting with the clear benefit and then tacking on some humor that everyone seems to recall.

  • Apple iPhone 5s - Parenthood

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    Don't get us wrong. We like this campaign for the iPhone. We just want a new version of the phone already.

  • Our Pal Ben Pieratt Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Restart Svpply

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    Product-collecting platform Svpply had a lot fans. The company has been near and dear to us because Ben Pieratt started it, who also co-created The Egotist Network. Svpply was purchased by ebay in 2012, which it turns out just wanted to milk some of the ideas inside the site for its own feeds and collections. Yesterday, ebay announced it will be shutting down Svpply on August 31.

    With that announcement, Ben and his partner Fictive Kin took their case to Kickstarter to resurrect Svpply as Very Goods — a site very similar in form and function that will allow previous users to import their Svpply history to have a rich database off the bat. Should they reach their fundraising goal of $50k to build the new site, the only way to become a member of the new offering is to have supported the campaign or to be invited by someone who did.

    If you want to get in on it, here's the spot.

  • Aunt Wang Syrup

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    Nastiness promoting the new line of Golf Wang clothing. Directed by Tyler, The Creator.

  • O Canada Beer Fridge

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    Let's all agree this showing is pretty embarrassing for our neighbors to the north. You'd think they'd be able to learn the tune with all that hockey they watch. Where's the patriotism, folks?

  • Facebook Life vs. Real Life

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    Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours. Or are they?

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