• Geeky MIT Stunt

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    MIT pranksters headed over to the neighboring campus of Harvard University and decorated Harvard Yard’s legendary statue of founder John Harvard to look like a Spartan warrior.

    A caption in the MIT student newspaper, The Tech, explained the full prank: “The back of the helmet, which is worn by the protagonist of the [Halo] game, Master Chief, was labeled with ‘Master Chief in Training.’ The statue was decorated with an assault rifle (bullet count of 2E), as well as a Beaver emblem on the right shoulder.” (In case you didn’t know, MIT’s mascot is the beaver.)

    What happened to the days of stealing the school mascot and spray painting it orange?

    (Via The Social.)

  • Feist - My Moon My Man

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    The new iPod Nano ads are sparking interest. We hadn’t seen this video before. The choreography is amazing.

  • Sally Hogshead Brilliance

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    We always love when Sally Hogshead updates her blog with a new entry. If you haven’t read her book, Radical Careering, march your ass to The Tattered Cover now. Here’s her latest thinking.

    The world headquarters of TBWA Advertising was located at 292 Madison Avenue, back when a Madison Avenue address was still de rigueur for an agency’s letterhead. It was the summer of 1991, and TBWA was in full swing with the iconic Absolut campaign, now polishing its fame to blinding perfection. The agency exuded the untouchable cool of an international catwalk model: aloof, poreless, slightly bored, altogether intimidating. If advertising had paparazzi, they would’ve camped outside the door. Entering the lobby made one feel suddenly self-conscious, acutely aware of some otherwise irrelevant detail, such as the fact that the dry cleaner’s seamstress had recently re-sewn a button in a slightly off-color thread. Yet on the first day of my unpaid summer internship at TBWA, walking into that lobby, I felt no intimidation whatsoever. Not because I possessed that same unattainable cool, but quite the opposite. I was too clueless even to have a clue of how clueless I was. Just two weeks earlier I’d graduated from college wearing my new $29.95 Thom McCann white pumps that coordinated with my Laura Ashley hair bow.

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  • Dodge Challenger Mobile Billboards

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    Creativity says these teasers are cruising metro muscle zones like Detroit’s Woodward Avenue.

  • Michael Bierut's Student Book

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    Design Observer has an eye-opening piece by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut who shares his 28-year-old student portfolio. And oh how humbling it is to this day. Can you help us unearth these visionaries in Denver? Are they even here to be unearthed?

  • Customized DNA Art

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    The store at MoMA New York is now offering your DNA as art – custom printed as a Giclee in your choice of one of nine different color palettes. For $550, you give them a saliva sample using a special kit and they give you back a customized print of your DNA. No two are ever alike. They’ll also do it for a child or pet. The piece comes framed in either light or dark wood. Wild stuff that’s wildly popular.

  • Listen To A Movie

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    Touted as a service for the cubicle workers of the world, this free site let’s you listen to any of 1,277 movies while you’re toiling away at your 9 to 5. We listened to Fast Times yesterday, reliving some of the best movie quotes in existence. Pick your flick here.

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