• Illustrator Dave Kinsey at BLK/MRKT

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    One of the most telling tests for an illustrator is whether they can adapt their style – one people have bought into and fallen in love with – into something new that is equally compelling. The series of paintings from Dave Kinsey on display right now at BLK/MRKT Gallery in Los Angeles represent this kind of evolution for this incredible artist. Be humbled.

    (Thanks to THINKMULE for the heads up on this.)

  • Someecards

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    Got an occasion for sending a card? Send one these hilarious gems. The legal copy at the bottom of the page tells you all you need to know: Someecards is not intended for use by people under 18 years of age.

    (Thanks for the tip, Anne.)

  • 1000 Journals

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    In the summer of 2000, Someguy (a San Francisco-based graphic designer) released 1000 journals into the world, instructing whomever found them to use them, visit a blog to share their work and pass the journal along.

    Now, a film tracks the incredible story of those 999 traveling blank books… and the one that made it back. Interviews with over 500 journal contributors in cities around the globe tell an incredible story about creativity and community. The film premiered in L.A. on November 4, then will play in festivals worldwide.

    Check out the trailer and learn more here. (Via LiquidTreat.)

  • Honda Odyssey Van Gods Spot

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    This campaign has been running for a while. And we have to say the strategy is pretty damn good for this Honda Odyssey – that the van gods were honored in its creation and you will honor them by driving it. Nice positioning to get some ex-rocker father into a family-friendly vehicle. The execution certainly lives up to the strategy. The only problem? There’s no way the car is that cool.

    Couldn’t find this particularly spot in the campaign on YouTube, but it’s worth popping over to the official Honda site for a viewing. (Spot is from Nylon in LA. Thanks for the tip, Evan.)

  • Illustrator David Cabrera

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    Just a very cool Photoshop image from David Cabrera out of Granada, Spain. See it bigger here.

  • Seriously Valuable Information

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    Yesterday, AdPulp pointed us to the amazing short films being put out by London-based brand consultancy, The Joined Up Company, featuring big British brand and agency figureheads talking about things you’re probably very interested in hearing. (There’s one below.)

    While poking around The Joined Up Company’s site, we unearthed one of those reads that’s so valuable you’ll want to put it into the hands of every client you know this Monday morning. (Seriously.) The piece is a guide for judging creative ideas, developed for those people on the other side of the table responsible for feeding your concepts to the masses. Or to the guillotine. And it is truly the most perfect education you could ever provide a client.

    Click here. Read this thing right now. And pass it on to every client you value. (You’ll thank us later.)

  • Malteser Ambulance Service: Typo Crash Spot

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    Simple, visual, smart. Great choice in music too. (Via I Believe In Advertising.)

  • Sleevage

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    Sleevage is a blog all about music cover art. From the LP’s of the 60’s to the digital artworks of now.

    We’ll post the best or most interesting covers every day in an effort to become the world’s best resource for great music artwork.

    Good stuff, we attest.

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